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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly is one of the most challenging steps of Electronics Product Design. We have a state of the art setup at our manufacturing facility in Gandhinagar, India to provide a reliable and cost effect PCB Assembly. We offer Turnkey Assembly, Consigned Assembly & Partially Consigned Assembly.

Turn Key Assembly – We will source all the components (Active, Passive, Electrochemical, Connectors & Cables etc.) and assemble the boards. The key advantage of this service is that it will eliminate miscommunication between multiple vendors.

Consigned Assembly – You can ship your components to us and we will assemble your boards. This is useful for customers who have their components in stock.

Partially Consigned Assembly – We also, offer a service where, you can ship some of your components to us and we can source the rest. This is useful for customers who prefer sourcing special components by themselves or they already have it in stock.


Assembly TypesSurface Mount (SMT)
Thru-Hole (THT)
Mixed Technology (SMT / Through hole)
Single or double-sided placement
Types of SolderLeaded
Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
StencilsLaser cut stainless steel stencils
Framed stencil
Frameless stencil
Minimum OrderNo minimum quantity.
Component TypesPassive Components, as small as 01005, 0201, 0402
Fine Pitch Parts (QFN, QFP)
Small Chip Packages, 01005
Max. Size: 56 X 56 X 15 mm
Component PackageReels
Cut Tape (must be continuous and 12 inches or longer)
Tube & Tray
Loose Parts
Board DimensionMin Board Size: 90mm x 50mm (Boards smaller than this size need to be panelized)
Max Board Size: 250mm x 250mm
Min. Board Thickness: 0.40 mm
Max. Board Thickness: 3.20 mm
Board ShapeRectangular, Circular and any Odd Shapes.
(For shapes other than rectangle, needs to
panelize the boards in an array, and add panel
border on at least 2 longer side.)
Board TypeRigid boards only.
Supported File FormatsBOM: .xls, .csv, .xlsx
Gerber (RS-274X)
Centroid (XY, Pick-n-Place)