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The CBOX Series is designed to add tremendous value to the home and building automation applications. It works seamlessly well with the central electronic components and has holding plates already designed for such apparatuses. Made in self-extinguishing PC/ABS or plastic, depending on the variant, the enclosure series is engineered for an easy and efficient installation process and compliant with global standards of commonly-used dimensions for mountings.

CBOX: Global Standards of Engineering, Made for Seamless Installation

For home and building automation, with a primary focus on wall-mounting electrical boxes. The enclosure’s holding plates have been designed keeping in mind the electronic components manufactured by the leading engineering firms. This shortens the installation lead times and saves resources. The mechanical interfaces have been designed in a manner that would make installation a seamless process with the choice of holding plates, coupled-plates for fastening, and other finishing accessories.

Cbox Range

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CBOX Universal

The enclosure is made with self-extinguishing PC/ABS and is optimally designed to work with the electronic components designed by leading engineering brands, which makes installation a seamless process and compliant with the commonly used dimensions of mountings for building and home automation.
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The enclosure brings all the features and functionalities of the Universal. Made in self-extinguishing plastic, the CBOX Int provides a greater set of variants with 15 dimensions and three colour options to choose from. It works equally well with 55 mm for home and building automation applications.
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CBOX Value -Drivers

  • Easy and Efficient Installation: The CBOX Series' holding plates optimize the installation process with the designs already engineered to be in line with the electronic components generally used with the home and building automation application.
  • Engineered to Work in Sync with a Broad Range of Products: CBOX works with the most critical electrical application frames like GEWISS, BTICINO, VIMAR, and ABB.
  • Designed for Global Standards: The CBOX Series adapts to the standards of commonly used dimensions of enclosures, specifically engineered for dimmers and wireless control systems that provide home automation solutions.
  • Wide Range of Dimensions: One of the CBOX Series’ variants comes in 15 different dimensions that make sure you get the exact enclosure required for your engineering plan & designs.

Delivering the PCB Power Market Promise

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  • Customized Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • Result of Consistent Human Capital Investments
  • Manufactured in Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Processes
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