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C-box Universal

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Cbox Universal

The CBOX Universal is an enclosure engineered specifically for applications in the home and building automation space. With holding plates optimally designed to carry the commonly used electronic components and a wide range of accessories to choose from, the CBOX Universal aids an efficient installation process without eliminating any of the core functionalities you seek from an enclosure.

  • Optimized for Home and Building Automation Applications: The enclosure’s internal holding plates can work with several key electrical frame applications like GEWISS, BTICINO, VIMAR, and ABB.
  • Easy Installation Process for Resourcefulness: The CBOX Universal comes with an easy-to-use and understand mechanical interface kit, that allows the technician installing the enclosure to choose from a wide range of plate holder and fastening combinations as well as other finishing accessories.
  • Engineered for Global Standards: The enclosure has been designed to seamlessly work with type 503 wall-mounting electrical boxes’ dimensions and measures of wall-mounting electrical boxes.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant

Material: Self-Extinguishing PC/ABS

Colour: Dark Gray or Transparent


40 x 66.5 x 44 mm (B x L x H)

(1M=18mm)   *You will be redirected to Italtronics

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