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Desoldering Solutions

Reworking can be a very intricate process that requires special skills to be applied by the technician and necessitate the requirement of dedicated reworking stations. Unlike soldering stations, reworking stations are not made for production lines. They should be delivering efficiency and precision to each individual reworking assignment that passes the reworking station. Since reworking is already an additional cost, everyone involved in the value-chain is dependent on the efficient performance of reworking stations.
Generally, reworking stations are a combination of suction or hot airflow systems, paired with a soldering pencil or station.

Desoldering Range

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LED SOL 350 Desoldering Station

LED SOL 350 provides a wide range of temperature points between 100oC & 500oC, with the suction force of 700mmHG and weighs just 2.34 kg.
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EX 7198 ESD Soldering Rework Station

The desoldering station has a comprehensive configuration of devices included a vacuum pump and two soldering irons.
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EX 930 S SMD Rework Station

The EX-930S has a diaphragm blower that helps it provide 23L/min of maximum heated airflow. With a temperature range between 100oC and 420oC
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The Desoldering Solutions Value -Drivers

  • High Suction and Blowing Capacity with Vacuum and Diaphragm Pumps:The desoldering stations available on the PCB Power Market platform carry some of the finest technology deployed to deliver the precision needs of the PCB reworking process. The variants in the category tend to use either vacuum pumps or diaphragm pumps, that provide the right combination of cost-effective performance and precision.
  • Products Optimized for Efficiency: Many of the reworking stations available in the category come with value-adding configurations. For instance, one specific variant comes with two soldering pencils to provided added soldering capability on the same station. On the other end of the spectrum, some variants focus on only one part of the reworking process that ensures maximum impetus put on precision, that can yield positive returns by eliminating the need for future reworks.
  • Wide Range of Temperatures to Calibrate the Station as Per the Reworking Needs: Many of the reworking stations provide temperature ranges spanning over 400oC. This allows the technician to decide how the desoldering station should be calibrated before working on each project and ensuring virtually no collateral damage in the form of desoldering well-functioning components.
  • Soldering Stations Developed and Produced with 40+ Years of Korean Manufacturing Excellence: The desoldering station has been manufactured by a Korean platform that has been optimizing its systems & processes for over four decades now. Such deep presence in the space automatically helps the entire range of desoldering solutions with more consistent performance, longer usable life, and an inherent assurance of quality outputs.

Delivering the PCB Power Market Promise

  • Customer Centricity Above Everything Else
  • Result of Consistent Human Capital Investments
  • Customized Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • Manufactured in Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Processes

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