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60W Digital Temperature-Controlled Soldering Iron

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60 W Digital Temperature-Controlled

While working on projects or in manufacturing processes that require a highly focused soldering iron may seem an approachable aim, without a digital temperature-controlling system, gauging the temperature and its impact on the output becomes a challenge. The 60 W Digital Temperature-Controlled soldering iron comes with a ceramic heater and a built-in sensor that helps in getting precise information on the soldering temperature and gives you the control to configure it for optimal soldering output. The temperature-controlling mechanism also makes this a preferable soldering solution for institutions seeking to train younger professionals in the value-chain.

  • Digital Temperature-Control: This distinctive features gives this soldering iron the capability to provide critical insights on the tip temperature that can be optimized by the individual using it to reconfigure the manufacturing process to get the desired result or adjust the temperature for better output quality. The temperature-control also ensures that the individuals using it are never taken by surprise in terms of the temperature the soldering iron carries.
  • Optimized for Ease of Use: The ergonomic design and the length to weight ratio of the soldering iron have been retained to further augment the ease of use. Such configurations ensure quicker soldering processes with high levels of precision, that help in saving resources and achieving greater productivity.
  • Temperature Range for Focus and Safety: Lower-end of the temperature range of 80oC - 480oC can help you in soldering very focused areas that require great precision. At the same time, the range has been widened enough to accommodate different use-cases, ranging from hobbyists to smaller manufacturing processes.
  • Developed and Manufactured with Precision in Korea: The technology, high product quality, and underlying features have been brought together by 40+ years of manufacturing precision and innovative engineering in Korea.
Voltage: 220V 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 60 W
Tip-Temperature 80oC - 480oC
Length: 220 mm
Weight: 80 g

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