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EC Stencil Printer

Stencils are a critical part of attaining the exact PCB that can deliver the features and value the end-consumer seeks from an electronics product. Hence, the process of printing these stencils has to be tested, robust, and driven by technology with a sole focus on precision, manufacturing repeatability, and systemic efficiency. The eC Stencil Printer has been designed to augment your stencil printing process by providing features like pin-registration system, vertical separation, aluminium construction, and augmented component manipulation capabilities that makes the entire process more systematic, accurate, and reliably consistent.

  • Engineered for Precision: The printer comes embedded with a vertical separation between the board and the stencil. This ensures great accuracy in printing the relatively finer features. Using the easy pin-registration system, which matches PCB tooling holes and stencils, expedites the printing process and eliminates the need for manual set-up.
  • Optimized for Manufacturing Repeatability: The stencil printer has been developed keeping in mind the focus on repeatability on the basis of exceptional capabilities for registration-repeatability. These can help in ensuring efficiency in manufacturing small batches of printing output. With an aluminium construction, the repeatability gets further augmented.
  • Designed with an Imperative Focus on Efficiency: The printer carries magnetic place-holders and supporting mechanisms that augment the range of manipulation and make it easy to print on the second sides with existing components. Plus, the design has been planned out in a manner that eliminates the need for clamping holes for supporting stencils.
Maximum PCB Size 350 x 250 mm
Dimensions 670 (D) x 470 (W) x 190 (H) mm
Weight Ca 19 kg

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