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The PCB Power Market Difference

Engineering is the process of structuring a solution to solve a problem. When you have a solution in hand and are ready to hit the market, the available components should amplify your design, not hinder it. That is what we have achieved with our listed range of Enclosures.

Enclosures give your electronics products the form, structure, safeguarding, and design elements that you need. They are designed to suit both civil and industrial standards, integrating the finest forms of design & planning with high-degree functionality.

The entire range of enclosures has been engineered around the core concepts of modularity and dynamic designing. Instead of making you go through a static catalogue of make-shift old boxes, the enclosures come in a wide range of configurations with the possibility to customize them as you seek.

Aesthetic, Customizable, High Quality and Distinctive Enclosures for All Use-Cases


PCB Power Market has partnered with Italtronics to bring the Modulbox range of enclosures, revered globally for their high efficiency and aesthetic value, to the PCB Power Market customers.
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If you are in the phase of prototyping or want an enclosure that performs highly on the occupied space metrics efficiently, Railbox will fit perfectly into your requirements.
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The Incabox series has been designed to optimize custom front modules at cost-effective plans to help in product differentiation.
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The Thermo series has been optimally designed and engineered for wall-mounting applications such as home & buildings as well as HVAC.
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Made in self-extinguishing PC/ABS or plastic, depending on the variant, the enclosure series is engineered for an easy and efficient installation process
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Embedded Box

The Embedded Box enclosure is designed for the rail DIN assembly EN 60715 type, and developed primarily for home and building automation applications.
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The iTouch Series, made with self-extinguishing ABS material, has been engineered with great aesthetics and features designed in a manner that make it an ideal enclosure
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If your primary focus is on customization of the final product which has already been optimized for high aesthetic value, Eyebox series of enclosures will work perfectly for you.
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The iGlass series of enclosures provides extensive modularity, fine-tuned with global standards of measurements. Ideal for home and building automation use-cases
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Now you can think beyond just achieving your design goals with the enclosures and actually use them to enhance your product’s offered value. The PCB Power Market-listed enclosures offer:

  • Extensive Matching Options: You have the freedom to engineer even the most idiosyncratic configurations with your desired shapes of the final product.
  • Wide Range of Customizable Configurations: Get the enclosures that come with modular sizes, front panels, machining & silk-printing processes, lead-sealed protection panels, terminal covers, specific terminals & panels, with the option of customizing as you need.
  • Engineering Design Integrity: The enclosures come with zero-compromise assurance – they fit into your design plan, without any compromise on quality, functionality or safety.
  • Simplified Installation Process: Our listed enclosures come with no-screw design that saves machining costs, reduces labour hours and gives you time to produce more value.
  • Modularity: The breakable hole-covers are ideal for prototyping without having to incur tooling costs. The listed enclosures come with open-ended design that lets you add components, PCBs, and functionalities as you develop your final product.
  • Distinctive Design an Edge in the Market: Our listed-enclosures go beyond just the functionalities. With low panel printing costs and high degree of customizations, you can launch a visually distinctive and aesthetically superior product, without incurring any additional expenses.
  • Developed with Global Standards of Manufacturing: All enclosures listed are developed and manufactured in line with global standards of precision engineering to maintain consistent and standardized high-quality output.

Delivering the PCB Power Market Promise

  • Customer Centricity Above Everything Else
  • Result of Consistent Human Capital Investments
  • Customized Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • Manufactured in Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Processes

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