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EX 7198 ESD Soldering Rework station

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EX 7198 ESD Soldering Rework Station

Soldering rework stations require the perfect balance of precision and efficiency. The precision helps in ensuring the exact spot that requires rework is fixed, without disturbing the calibration of other functional components. The efficiency ensures that the increased costs of reworking are under control with the help of well-engineered reworking stations.

EX 7198 ESD Soldering Rework Station performs exceptionally well on both of those metrics. This soldering rework station has two irons for increased capacities on the same rework station and a double-cylinder vacuum pump that provides cost-effective suction throughout the reworking process.

  • Configuration that Comprehensively Covers the Soldering Reworking Process: The EX 798 ESD Soldering rework station is one of the very few in its segment that have been configured to have one vacuum pump and two irons on one platform. This decreased the lead time taken in finishing reworking processing as everything in the process is executed on one reworking station.
  • Vacuum Pump for Cost-Effective Suction: The vacuum pump provides suction of over 15 l/min. The suction rate has been optimized keeping in mind the cost-effective nature pf the soldering rework station. It helps in delivering the suction, without adding incremental costs to the process.
  • Efficient Design: Despite the added functionalities of two soldering irons and one vacuum pump, the entire system weighs less than 3.9 kg. This makes the design less space-occupying and practically portable for industrial and small-scale use-cases.
  • Manufactured with 40+ Years of Korean Engineering Excellence: The soldering rework station has been manufactured by a leader in Korean engineering tools manufacturing. This lends the end-product a high stamp of credibility for its consistent performance and long usable life, at the behest of a notably quality manufacturing process and well-engineered components.
Model EX-7198ESD
Input voltage Input voltage
Power consumption 10W
Total Power Consumption 120W (body + iron & iron + iron iron)
Vacuum type Vacuum pump, double cylinder type
Maximum Suction Power 600mmHG
Suction Flow Rate 15L / min
Weight (without the Cord) 3.9Kg
Size 188 * 170 * 280

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