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EX 930 S SMD Rework Station


EX 930 S SMD Rework Station

The EX 930 S SMD has been engineered to execute efficient airflow-driven de-soldering processes. The entire reworking station has been designed, keeping in mind the precise needs of the technicians and operations using de-soldering. It consists of an iron and a blower that provides hot airflow, which efficiently helps in eliminating past soldering.

  • Wide Temperature Range in Airflow: The blower can deliver airflow in the range of 100oC – 420oC, cumulatively providing a range of 320oC. This makes the rework station versatile for different reworking and de-soldering assignments. Each de-soldering task may require deliberation on a specific part of the PCB and without a wide range of temperature points, the hot airflow may damage otherwise functional components of the PCB.
  • Diaphragm Pump for Optimal Air Flow Per Minute: The diaphragm pump helps in delivering over 23 l/min of airflow at its maximum capacity. The pump’s design has been optimized capacity, without damaging the internal components of the de-soldering stations and providing them more longevity.
  • Optimized Manufacturing Quality with 40 Years of Korean Consistency: The entire reworking station has been developed and manufactured with 40+ years of excellence in producing engineering tools, with the high standards of Korean manufacturing. This ensures the consistent performance and longer realizable useful lives of the reworking stations.
Model EX-930S
Voltage AC 220V / 20W (Power Off : 2W)
Pump Type AC 220V / 20W (Power Off : 2W)
Airflow 23L/Min. (max)
Dimensions/Weight 187 * 135 * 245 mm / 2.7Kg
Voltage AC 220V / 250W
Airflow Temperature Range AC 220V / 250W
Airflow Dimensions/Weight 185mm/160g

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