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Home and building automation enclosures require a high degree of balance between features and aesthetics. The aesthetics ensure that the produce leaves a sense of quality engineering every time your consumer looks at it, and the features ensure that the product provides value to your overall home-automation solution. Eyebox has been engineered to fulfil both the needs. Its design will help your home-automation solution standout in the marketplace. With configurable components, you can practically use the same enclosure across a large set of use-cases.

  • High Aesthetic Value: This particular variant of the Eyebox series has been designed keeping in mind the fact that the enclosure might be constantly visible to a customer as it functions as one component of a home automation solution. With a process optimized for that purpose, the final product now available brings high aesthetic value and good build-quality that will stand tall on the value-proposition of your brand.
  • Wide Range of Applications: While the base of the product remains the same, you can customize it for a range of home automation solutions. Paired with the high aesthetic value, this makes the product a distinguishable value-delivering enclosure.
  • Manufactured with Global Standards of Safety Measures: The enclosure has been prepared with global standards, and is compliant with both the RoHS and REACH guidelines.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant

Material: Self-Extinguishing ABS

Colour: White


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