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50W General Purpose Soldering Iron

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50 W General Purpose Soldering Iron

This 50 W General Purpose Soldering Iron has been designed to fit the needs of smaller manufacturing processes, hobbyists, and individual professionals who need assistance with a light-weight and yet precise soldering solution. The tip’s wide temperature range allows you to adjust your soldering solution in line with the design, material, and desired output of the product. The soldering solution has been especially designed for ease of use, with an increased grip and a smaller tip, allowing free movement with the progress of the soldering process.

  • Designed for Ease of Use : All the design elements and functions like weight, length of the tip, and easy grip have been configured to ensure high and seamless usability that supports standard output quality and productivity.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Despite the focus on the smaller projects and manufacturing processes, the soldering pencil carries a temperature range between 200oC - 500oC, and ensures you get the highest matching-quality between the temperature range and the needs of the project in terms of speed and precision of the soldering iron.
  • Manufactured with Standard Processes: The Korean manufacturer has been running the engineering and manufacturing processes, optimized for safety and standard quality of output, for over 40 years and is considered to be one of the leading brands in the vertical.
Voltage: 200V 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 50 W
Tip-Temperature 200oC - 500oC
Length: 210 mm
Weight: 186

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