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60W General Purpose Soldering Iron

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60 W General Purpose Soldering Iron

The 60 W General Purpose Soldering Iron fits perfectly into the needs of focuses manufacturing processing, individuals who seek a soldering iron, hobbyists, and academic institutions who need the soldering solution for training purposes. The soldering pencil has been ergonomically designed for ease of use, that allows good grip and ensures productivity while maintaining safety. The soldering iron’s tip-temperature range can help in processes that require very precise soldering attainable by a lesser temperature range.

  • Designed for Ease of Use: The length of the soldering iron, along with the added advantage of the strong grip, has been optimized alongside the weight of the soldering pencil to ensure the individual use the soldering iron is easily able to hold the soldering iron for long hours, without any constraints posed by the weight or design elements of the soldering pencil.
  • Quick and Safe Soldering: With a temperature range of 80oC - 480oC, the soldering iron provides great assistance in projects that require very precise soldering between components and materials. While such a temperature range can help in precise soldering output, it also makes the soldering process safer for the user.
  • Manufactured with 40+ Years of ‘Korean’ Engineering Excellence: The manufacturer has been awarded by the Korean government for is impeccable systems and processes. With 40 years of manufacturing behind it, every product is delivered with standardized quality and made in line with industry standards.
Voltage: 220V 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 60 W
Tip-Temperature 80oC - 480oC
Length: 220 mm
Weight: 80 g

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