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If you are working on a product-design or application that necessitates a well-planned and engineered enclosure that provide a balance of aesthetic and touch-enabled functionalities, iShape is exactly what you have been looking for. The enclosure has been designed to work equally well across use-cases that deploy wall-mounted or handheld applications. It comes with an easy to use kit composition that will control your installation costs.

  • Design Optimized for Handheld and Wall-Mounting Applications: The enclosure has been designed in a manner that makes a value-delivering component for both wall-mounting and handheld applications. The former necessitates a robust design while the latter demands notable aesthetics and features. With the iShape, you will be able to work on any of the two use-cases easily.
  • Easy Installation Enabled by Fine-Tuned Kit Composition: The kit composition has been optimized post several iterations and feedback from many engineers who are now using the enclosure readily in their products and applications. It makes the installation process easier without compromising on the enclosure’s quality or features.
  • Flexible Design that Works with Glass, Plastic, and Touch-Enabled Front Panels: The iShape’s design makes it a versatile enclosure that provides the same value across different front-panels.
  • Customization Options Available: While the enclosure is primarily available in white, you can have it in custom colour as per your request. This allows for easier recognition of your brand post installation and helps you introduce a distinctive identity in the market.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant

Material: Self-Extinguishing ABS

Colour: White (Custom colours available upon request)



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