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LED SOL 300-2 Dual-Channel-Soldering

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LED SOL 300 – 2 Dual

Lead-free soldering has become a key preference for several leading electronics components manufacturers. The LED SOL 300-2 is a lead-free soldering station that provides the precision, ergonomic design, and control over the soldering process, while adding the benefits of using non-lead soldering pastes. Beside the key difference, the LED SOL 300-2 is one of the finest soldering stations, that provide a balance between a wide temperature range and dual channel.

  • Supports Lead-Free Soldering: If your manufacturing facility is seeking compliance with RoHS, the LED SOL 300-2 will help you work with lead-free soldering materials and still get the efficiency and component safety provided by the lead-using stations.
  • Double Channel for Exponential Heating Output: This particular soldering station uses a dual channel output that produces 2x the heating output against most soldering stations. This way, the soldering station is able to generate 2 x 75 W heating output that helps in expediting the soldering process.
  • Wide Temperature Control Range: The temperature range for the soldering station encompasses 400oC, spanning between 100oC and 500oC. This allows you to use the same soldering station for a wide range of projects that require low to high heating output for effective soldering.
  • Developed with 40+ Years of Korean Manufacturing Excellence: The LED SOL 300-2 has been manufactured by a leading engineering products platform in Korea with over 40 years of experience and expertise in pioneering the soldering solutions space. This adds to the global standards of quality and consistent output of the LED SOL 300-2.
Input Voltage Input Voltage
Heater Output 24V AC,75WX2
Power Consumption 160W
Temperature Control 100oC - 500oC
Size 108.5 (W) x 132 (H) x 126.5 (D)
Weight 2.77 kg

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