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Modulbox XT PLC

The Modulbox XT PLC is a DIN Rail (EN 60715) made of self-extinguishing blend PC/ABS UL94-VO that is an adapted series identical to the Modulbox XT. The PLC series has been designed keeping in mind the larger industrial use-cases where the available space is more and the need for industrially engineered enclosures is high.

  • Larger Size: Working on the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison with the XT series, the XT PLC series focuses specifically on larger use-cases where space is not the primary constraint. This gives its modules greater functional space to add elements as per your needs. This makes it ideal for industrial applications.
  • Low Cost Mounting: Despite its relatively larger size, the XT PLC series does not disrupt the efficient snap-lock mounting mechanism prevalent with the entire XT series. You can install it without screws, high labour costs, or retooling processes.
  • Modular Design: The greater availability of space works in conjunction with modularity of the design. You can choose the number and design of modules, in order to get the exact Modulbox you need for your use-case application.
  • Aesthetic Performance: The Modulbox XT PLC is as good as its peers in the XT PLC and XTS Series in terms of providing a high-tech appeal to your product. By selecting the front panel, covers, and modules, you can tweak the aesthetic appeal in line with your needs.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Configured onto an EN 60715 DIN Rail, in line with DIN 43880

Material: Self-Extinguishing Blend PC/ABS UL94-VO

Colour: Gray RAL 7035


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