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PCB Power Market has partnered with Italtronics to bring the Modulbox range of enclosures, revered globally for their high efficiency and aesthetic value, to the PCB Power Market customers. For those who want to achieve 100% design adherence without having to incur heavy costs of component sourcing.

Modulbox: Helping You Innovate Economically

Solution designing has become a decisive factor in the success of electronics engineering. That is why, more intricate, idiosyncratic, and unique designs are being put out to solve very specific problems. The challenge with such novelty solutions is that they increase the pricing of the components used in the process and make even the well-engineered the end-products uncompetitive for the market. The Modulbox range has been designed to help you overcome that problem. Made of self-extinguishing or extinguishing materials in most cases, the Modulbox range is a set of DIN Rails (EN 60715) which is made for electronics applications.

Created keeping the concept of modularity at its center, the Modulbox range has been engineered to have the optimal balance between highly functional design and equally high aesthetic value. Each component and manufacturing process that goes into making the Modulbox family of enclosures, amplifies the modular properties of the end-product. This way, instead of redesigning or re-engineering your design plan, you can simply configure the Modulbox to fit right into it.

Modulbox Range

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Modulbox One

Modulbox One is a DIN Rail (EN 60715), made of self-extinguishing PPO, comes with modules ranging from 1 to 9, with high functionality and modularity.
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Modulbox XTS

Made of extinguishing UL94-VO, the series functions as a set of DIN EN 60715 mounting enclosures with modular sizes ranging from 1 to 12, with high aesthetic value and low mounting costs.
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Modulbox XT

This DIN Rail (EN 60715) is made of self-extinguishing blend PC/ABS UL94-VO that gives it the industrial quality and come with efficient snap-lock mechanism for mounting.
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Modulbox Special

Enclosure designed to maximize the available space. Different variants for specific materials and use-cases available.
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Modulbox XTS Compact

Made of self-extinguishing blend PC/ABS UL94-VO, the XTS Compact series works as a DIN Rail (EN 60715), XTS Compact is available in 2M to 12M sizes
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Modulbox XT PLC

It is a DIN Rail (EN 60715) enclosure made of Self-Extinguishing Blend PC/ABS UL94-VO with features like modularity, high aesthetic value, and greater space for modules.
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The Modulbox Range Value Drivers

The Modulbox range has been packed with functionalities to deliver incremental and additive value across all application-cases:

  • Wide Range of Sizes: Available in a wide range of sizes to fit both civic and industrial applications.
  • Modular Design: Modular sizes, diverse range of front panels, machining & silk-printing processes, specific panels & terminals, and lead sealed protection panels and terminal covers allow you to configure the exact Modulbox ideal for your use-case.
  • Seamless Installation: Several variants in the Modulbox family come with easily mountable snap-lock mechanism that eliminates the need for screws, tooling, and additional labour hours.
  • DIN 43880 Compliant: All Modulbox enclosures are designed to adhere with globally accepted standards, befitting the DIN Rail EN 60715 mounting enclosure use-cases designed for low voltage switchgear and controlgear
  • RoHS Compliant: Every Modulbox offering is in-line with the 2003 European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive
  • REACH Compliant: The chemicals used in manufacturing each of the Modulbox variants has been approved as a safe solution, adhering to the REACH regulations.

Delivering the PCB Power Market Promise

  • Customer Centricity Above Everything Else
  • Customized Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • Result of Consistent Human Capital Investments
  • Manufactured in Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Processes

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