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Soldering is an essential step in ensuring that the PCB Assembly process is completed with finesse and the end-product is able to perform well on the expected metrics. Controlling an accurate soldering process is tricky as even the smallest of errors can render an entirely so-far-well-functioning PCB into an effective component pulling down the performance of an entire product. Hence, to meet the demanding standards of accuracy and efficiency, we have an entire range of soldering solutions.

Soldering Range

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50 W General Purpose Soldering Iron

The 50 W General Purpose Soldering Iron has been designed for ease of use and provides 200oC to 500oC of temperature at the tip.
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60 W Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

This variant of the 60 W soldering iron comes with a digital control that allows you to set the temperature between 80oC to 480oC, while still weighing just 80 g.
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60 W General Purpose Soldering Iron

With a 60 W power consumption, the soldering iron produces tip temperature between 80oC to 480oC.
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eC Reflow Oven

The Reflow Oven serves as a singular and optimized platform for the entire soldering cycle. With a temperature range of up to 288oC
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LED SOL 280 Analog Multi- Purpose Soldering Station

The soldering station consists of a soldering iron paired with a power station that maintains consistent tip-temperature.
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eC Stencil Printer

The Stencil Printer has features like pin-registration system, that expedite the printing process without manual setup.
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LED SOL 290 Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering Station

The soldering station produces temperature ranging between 200oC and 599oC, with a 70 W capacity
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LED SOL 300-2 Dual Channel Soldering Station

The soldering station uses two channels for heating output and is hence able to generate 2 x 75 W. The tip temperature ranges between 100oC and 500oC.
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Soldering Solutions Value -Drivers

  • Designed for Ease of Use: Each soldering solution in the category has been designed to provide ease of use across the soldering process. With value-adding features like ergonomic designs that make gripping and using the soldering iron easier and drive productivity, to digital interfaces and design elements that help in checking on the progress of the soldering process – each variant in this category has been optimized from a design-standpoint.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Soldering at an inaccurate temperature range can result in damaging the entire PCB’s design. Lead has been used as one of the key components in soldering primarily because of its low temperature heating capabilities. That goes to show the critical nature of calibrating the right temperature for soldering.
    Finer soldering processes require lower temperatures that can deliver just the precise heating, whereas larger components may demand higher temperatures. With soldering solutions that make temperature information instantly accessible and updatable, you can optimize the temperature settings for each soldering process.
  • Comprehensive Solutions that Cover the Entire Soldering Process: Many of the variants in the category, like the Stencil Printer and the Reflow Oven have been designed as standalone solutions covering the entire soldering and associated processes on one platform. Built as a result of high-quality manufacturing processes, these solutions ensure the quality of your end-product is consistent and in line with the industry standards.
  • Intelligent and Adaptive Features: Individual solutions like the Reflow Oven have been embedded with automated data capturing on profiles that helps in quicker processing of information and creation of alternative profiles.

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