Innovative Soldering Solutions

PCB POWER offers the most suitable assembly set up for its small quantity end users, D houses, students hobbyists; a solution for assembly of proto small quantity PCBs with SMD.

Our SMD Reflow Oven Stencil Printer and Camera Assisted Pick and Place Manual Machine have some remarkable features:

  • Portable
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Live Profile Simulations
  • Proto type SMD
  • Programmable
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Economical Viability
  • SMD Stencil Printer

SMD stencil printer uses a simple pin-registration system for fast and precise set-up with low-cost frameless stainless-steel stencils.

Rigid precision-engineered construction ensures excellent repeatability for small batch printing.

After printing the stencil is separated vertically from the board.It is critical to achieve good paste deposition for fine footprints.

Description :

  • SMD solder paste stencil printer for prototypes and small runs
  • Fast, precise and economical solder-paste printing even for the shortest run.
  • Vertical separation of board and stencil – critical for accurate fine-feature printing ses SMD low-cost laser-cut stainless-steel stencils.
  • Magnetic place holders and supports give sufficient manipulation possibilities to allow printing on the second side of a board that already carries components.
  • Simple pin-registration system based on identical tooling holes in PCB and stencil accuracy without complex manual set-up time.
  • Excellent registration repeatability – critical for small series printing.
  • No clamping holes needed to support the stencil.
  • Rigid aluminium construction for accuracy and repeatability

Technical Specifications

Maximum stencil size 390 x 290 mm
Maximum PCB size 350 x 250 mm
Dimensions 670 (d) x 470 (w) x 190 (h) mm
Weight 19 kg

Camera-assisted manual pick and place device power-placer is a camera-assisted manual pick and place device designed and priced for prototype and small series assembly.

Power-placer speeds up component placement and in combination with our other soldering-equipment gives significant savings in time and costs.

Power-placer’s robust construction ensures long-term accuracy and repeatability. The machine is fast to set-up with 23 adjustable feeders included for component tapes and sticks. The combination of clear imaging from the high-definition camera and ergonomic design enhances productivity and minimizes operator fatigue. Two special placement modes boost speed and accuracy. The Array mode provides a fast solution for placing a row of components. The Copy-paste mode uses a standard steel stencil to accurately locate BGAs, FPGAs and other complex components which are difficult to place by eye alone.

Power-placer Specifications:

  1. 1. ESD-safe X-Y table with 10 mm pitch eC-registration-compliant location holes.
  2. 2. Heavy-duty construction for accurate operation, good repeatability and long-life.
  3. 3. Precision mechanics with X, Y and Z movements and vacuum head component rotation.
  4. 4. Adjustable magnetic stops on X- & Y-axis.
  5. 5. Ergonomic operation with solid hand support and high-definition imaging for maximum productivity and reduced operator fatigue.
  6. 6. Right- and left-handed set-up. Left-handed set-up is a mirror of the right-handed set-up. The changeover is straightforward and can be completed in 3 – 4 minutes.
  7. 7. Vacuum placement head with quick-change nozzles for different size components plus rubber heads for larger components and ICs. Four nozzles and 3 suction cups are included as standard.
  8. 8. Built-in vacuum pump.
  9. 9. Two foot-pedal controls: one for the vacuum, and one for the X- and Y-axis programmable stops.
  10. 10. High-definition USB camera with parallax compensation for different heights between feeder and PCB.
  11. 11. Powerful LED light for illumination and cross-hair component location.
  12. 12. Camera can be linked to any Windows-compatible PC (not included) to display exact component position during pick-up and placement.
  13. 13. Feeders are included for component tapes and component sticks. The feeders are easily adjusted for different widths (8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm etc.). The table will accommodate up to 23, 8 mm tape feeders.
  14. 14. Smallest component size 0402 (1 mm x 0.5 mm).
  15. 15.The work-table is ESD-safe when grounded (grounding point included). Components can be placed safely anywhere on the table.
  16. 16. A bonding point is included to link anti-static wrist bands to machine ground. An eC-ESD-kit is available as a separate item from our eC-consumables shop. This includes an eC-ESD-wrist-strap, eC-ESD-grounding cord and eC-ESD-plug.
  17. 17. Maximum board size on table: 500 x 350 mm. Maximum board size with feeders: 460 x 350 mm. Maximum board size when using “copy-paste” template: 350 x 250 mm.
  18. 18. 10 power-registration-compliant PCB location pins and 4 stencil/template location pins included.
  19. 19. Power input (excluding computer): 90 – 264 V AC; 47 – 63 Hz; 24W. Accepts EU-standard plugs including UK 3-pin.
  20. 20. Machine overall dimensions: 670 x 580 x 200 mm.
  21. 21. Machine weight: 11 kg.
  22. 22. Shipping weight: 20 kg.

SMD reflow oven gives an even temperature across the board under total user control throughout the soldering process. The reflow-pilot software allows the user to define and store an unlimited number of temperature and time profiles and to monitor the exact process for each board. Separate sensors can be used to measure and display the temperature profile on the actual PCB – order -reflow-oven now.

Description :

  • Bench-top SMD reflow oven for prototypes and small runs.
  • Quartz IR lamps in the bottom and top part of the oven allow preheating and a subsequent fast heat-up for optimum control of the soldering cycle.
  • Ducted forced-air circulation to ensure an even temperature throughout the oven.
  • Unlimited user-defined soldering profiles controlling temperature and time settings across 6 zones for optimum soldering quality
  • Profiles set up and stored on PC via easy-to-use reflow-pilot software.
  • Micro-processor control on oven stores up to 5 profiles for convenient standalone
  • Operation.
  • LCD display on machine with 3 buttons to select the profile, start and stop the process, open the drawer etc.
  • Drawer access for easy loading and unloading.
  • Large window on front for visual process-checking.
  • Drawer opens automatically after reflow to ensure fast cooling to minimize board stress.
  • A separate temperature sensor can be placed on the PCB to measure and display the temperature actually on the board for optimum control
  • Insulated casing to minimize energy loss and ensure safe operation-Compact footprint
Technical Specifications

Maximum PCB size 350 x 250 mm
Heating method Quartz IR and ducted forced hot-air
Temperature range Up to 288°C
Temperature control method +/- 20°C boost function
Programming Windows-compatible software
PC link USB port
Electrical requirements 230V AC – 50Hz
Power requirements ca. 3000W
Dimensions 520 (d) x 620 (w) x 245 (h) mm
Weight 29 kg