SMD Adapter PCB

FFC/FPC Breakout PCB for 0.5mm & 1.00mm Up to 50 pins

SKU - PM14085

Usually Graphics LCD have this FFC/FPC connector. This PCB beakout all connection to a 2.54mm Pitch header for easy connection.

SOP 10 pin 0.5/0.95mm ICs Adapter PCB

SKU - PM14084

Adapts SOP10,MSOP10,UMAX10,TSSOP10,SOT23 ICs

SOP 8 pin 0.65/1.27mm ICs Adapter PCB

SKU - PM14083

Converts SOIC8 SMD ICs to standard DIL size.

FPC Stick 20 Pin 0.5mm/1mm Pitch Adapter

SKU - PM14082

We can Connect to 0.5mm, 1.0mm and even some 2.0mm pitch connectors that we may run across with an FPC stick.

FPC/FFP Stick with 40 pins 0.5mm /1.00mm Pitch Adapter

SKU - PM14081

The PCB board mounting 2.54mm pitch double row Pin Header.

SOP 20 pin 0.65/1.27mm ICs Adpter PCB

SKU - PM14080

Suitable for SMD ID packages for 20 pins having1.27mm or 0.65mm pitch.


SKU - PM14079

  • QFP32 0.8mm SMD Adapter PCB.


SKU - PM14078

  • QFN64 0.5mm / 0.8mm Adapter PCB.


SKU - PM14077

  • Converts SOIC14 SMD ICs to standard DIL size.


SKU - PM14076

  • 16-Pin SSOP to DIP Adapter is a small PCB that lets you adapt 14 and 16-pin SSOP packages to a DIP footprint.

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