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Established in 1996, PCBPOWER/ Circuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL) has today successfully carved a niche as a reputed PCB manufacturer on a global level for our consistent services in this field.

We have been actively serving Aerospace, Defense Application, Automotive, Industrial Electronics and Telecom, Design, R&D Markets for PCBs up to 24 layers.

We fulfill the customer’s requirements of prototype and small volumes through deliveries in compliance with their demand (From 3 working Days to 28 Working Days).

We have a single-minded approach towards continued development. We, therefore, invest, regularly to meet the ever increasing technological demands for our customers. We provide two types of services to our customers Power Standard and Power Demand.

  • Power Standard
  • Power Demand

Power standard is our popular and suitable option for PCBs up to 6 layers with different quantities, surface finishes & flexible deliveries starting from 3 working days.

LayersSingle Sided, Double Sided, 4 Layers, 6 Layers
QuantityNo restriction (Minimum Order Quantity : 1)
DeliveryStarting from 3 working days
MaterialFR4 135 Tg
PCB Thickness1.60 mm
Cu. Thickness17.5 / 35 Micron
Surface FinishHAL(snpb), Lead Free HAL, ENIG , Immersion Tin
Solder MaskGreen
Legend White
ET (Electrical Test)Yes
Layer Stack UpStandard (layer stack up details for 4 & 6 layers)
Customer Data VerificationYes

Power Demand unlike Power Standard service offers all possible options and delivery terms. Delivery for Power Demand orders starts from 3 working days.

Power Demand Offerings

LayersUp to 24
QuantityNo restriction ( Minimum Order Quantity : 1)
DeliveryStarting from 3 working days
MaterialFR4-135 Tg, FR4-180 Tg, RT-Duroid, Flexible, RF-Rogers, RF-ISOLA-ITERA, Metal core
PCB Thickness0.5 mm to 3.2 mm
Cu. Thickness17.5 um to 95 um
Surface FinishHAL(snpb), Lead Free HAL, ENIG , Immersion Tin
Solder MaskGreen, Blue, Red, Black, White
Legend White , Yellow
ET (Electrical Test)Yes
Layer Stack UpAny
Customer Data VerificationYes

More Technological Options

  • Controlled Impedance
  • Blind- Buried Vias
  • Gold Tabs
  • Carbon Contacts
  • Peelable Mask
  • Edge Plating
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