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Railbox Compact Vertical

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Railbox Compact Vertical

The Railbox Compact Vertical, made of Blend PC/ABS Self-Extinguishing material, takes the advantages and benefits available with the Vertical and Multilevel range, and makes them available in a smaller dimension. Its size and compact dimension allow it to expand the space efficiencies the Railbox series is known for. With its easy mounting mechanism, modular structure, and high aesthetic quality, it will add tremendous value to your electronics application.

  • Increased Space Efficiency: Railbox Compact Vertical is one of the most efficiently designed enclosures available in the market. With the smaller size, it optimizes the space efficiency this series is known for, while still maintaining the functional features that help you mount PCBs exactly as per your design requirements.
  • Easy Mounting: This enclosure comes with the industry-revered no-screw mounting system. While using, you can easily break the hole-cover. This ensures that the Railbox Compact Vertical is the turnkey enclosure ready to be used at your peril.
  • Expandability and Modularity: You can have more PCBs added to the base or use an adaptor to add PCBs. The enclosure has highly modular range and can work with any form of electronics design, no matter how unique or experimental it seems.
  • High High-Aesthetic Value: Despite its compact size, the enclosure packs high-aesthetic value and adds a high-tech streak to the end-product across applications.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Configured onto an EN 60715 DIN Rail, in line with DIN 43880

Poles Number: 17 x 2, Pitch 5/5.08

Material: Blend PC/ABS Self-Extinguishing

Colour: Green, Dark Grey, and Grey (Special Colours Available On-Demand)


22.5 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 79 x 101 x 22.5
35 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 79 x 101 x 35
35.5 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 79 x 101 x 37.5
45 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 79 x 101 x 45

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