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Railbox Vertical and Multilevel

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Railbox Vertical and Multilevel

The Railbox Vertical and Multilevel enclosures, made of Blend PC/ABS self-extinguishing material, have been engineered to provide absolute flexibility in terms of space occupancy, number of PCBs installed, and the mounting process. It works as a DIN EN Rail 60715 system, and works equally well with civic and industrial purposes. It is recommended for specialists seeking addition of high-aesthetic value to the final product.

  • Design Efficiency: Unlike other enclosures, it stands vertically and takes up lesser space. You can still add the standard PCBs or use other features to expand capacities.
  • Expandability: It comes with an expansion spacer that gives you the option of adding more PCBs in the design, using the same enclosure system.
  • Modularity: Railbox Vertical and Multilevel is available in a wide range of sizes and works well with adopters to help you insert smaller PCBs or two separate PCBs.
  • High Aesthetic Value: The product’s design features add high-aesthetic value to all electronics applications.
  • Easy Installation: Like other enclosures listed in this group, the Railbox Vertical and Horizontal also comes with an easy installation mechanism that does not require a screw and can be mounted easily, helping you control machining costs.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Configured onto an EN 60715 DIN Rail, in line with DIN 43880

Poles Number: 17 x 2, Pitch 5/5.08UL94-VO

Material: Blend PC/ABS Self-Extinguishing

Colour: Green, Dark Grey, and Grey (Special Colours Available On-Demand)


17.5 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 120 x 101 x 17.5
22.5 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 120 x 101 x 22.5
35 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 120 x 101 x 35
45 mm (DIN EN 60715) Sizes(mm): 120 x 101 x 45

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