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Raspberry Zero

Raspberry boards are now being used worldwide to provide accessible computational functionalities to electronics products and devices. The Embedded Box Raspberry Zero has been designed a rail DIN assembly EN 60715 type enclosure for embedded circuit boards that are utilizing Raspberry systems. This particular variant is available in four different dimensions and gives you absolute aesthetic freedom for choosing the right colour for the enclosure, that can be used to align the final product with your brand or use-case.

  • Customizable Colour-Options: Available in standard grey colour as well as other customizations to ensure your product stands out and is more marketable with aesthetic distinctiveness.
  • Optimally Engineered for Embedded Circuits Using Raspberry Boards: The enclosures work well with the Raspberry boards, and are found to maintain consistent performance of embedded circuit boards.
  • Four Variants for Different Product Designs: Embedded Box Raspberry Zero is available in four different product variants to help you have choice in aligning the enclosure’s dimensions with your product design.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Compliant with DIN assembly EN 60715 Type

Material: Blend PC/ABS Self-Extinguishing

Colour: The standard colour is grey, with customized options available on request



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