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  • Camera-assisted manual pick and place device power-placer is designed and priced for prototype and small series assembly.        
  • Power-placer speeds up component placement and in combination with our other soldering-equipment gives significant savings in time and costs.

  • he combination of clear imaging from the high-definition camera and ergonomic design enhances productivity and minimizes operator fatigue.

  • The Copy-paste mode uses a standard steel stencil to accurately locate BGAs, FPGAs and other complex components which are difficult to place by eye alone.

  • Power-placer Specifications: ESD-safe X-Y table with 10 mm pitch eC-registration-compliant location holes. Heavy-duty construction for accurate operation, good repeatability and long-life.

  • Precision mechanics with X, Y and Z movements and vacuum head component rotation. Adjustable magnetic stops on X- & Y-axis. Ergonomic operation with solid hand support and high-definition imaging for maximum productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

  • Right- and left-handed set-up. Left-handed set-up is a mirror of the right-handed set-up.

  • Vacuum placement head with quick-change nozzles for different size components plus rubber heads for larger components and ICs.

  • Four nozzles and 3 suction cups are included as standard. Built-in vacuum pump. Two foot-pedal controls: one for the vacuum, and one for the X- and Y-axis programmable stops.

  • High-definition USB camera with parallax compensation for different heights between feeder and PCB. Powerful LED light for illumination and cross-hair component location.

  • Camera can be linked to any Windows-compatible PC (not included) to display exact component position during pick-up and placement.

  • Feeders are included for component tapes and component sticks. The feeders are easily adjusted for different widths (8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm etc.).

  • Maximum board size when using “copy-paste” template: 350 x 250 mm. 10 power-registration-compliant PCB location pins and 4 stencil/template location pins included.

  • Power input (excluding computer): 90 – 264 V AC; 47 – 63 Hz; 24W. Accepts EU-standard plugs including UK 3-pin. Machine overall dimensions: 670 x 580 x 200 mm. Machine weight: 11 kg. Shipping weight: 20 kg.