Our talented, hardworking and dynamic engineers and designers along with the highly professional Team at PCB POWER MARKET and CSIL are an indispensable asset to the organization. We have an expertise of handling any type of project with a quick turnaround.

Research & Developments

Electronics R & D is part of all new developments in industry and for immediate results on the same , quick delivery as well low cost is mandatory for the same, where we are providing a perfect solution to users with minimum order quantity: 1 and lowest cost without charging any set up along with combination of deliveries as fast as 3 working days onwards.

Aerospace & Defence

We are aware of the significance of error free applications at Aerospace. And therefore, we take utmost care in manufacturing your PCB maintaining the best level of quality in the industry.

Students / Hobbyist

Individuals who are looking for PCBs for their project weeks has always a concern of quick delivery and lowest quantity as well costing which is getting resolved with our Power standard service where they can even get 1 PCB at lowest cost with 3 working days delivery.

Educational Institutes

Our Standard service offers the balance between capabilities and affordability quintessential for students and educational programs. We have succeeded in establishing relationship with more than 50 Universities by offering to create a world class electronics ecosystem for technology at the frontiers of knowledge.


PCBPOWER is proud to manufacture boards for the major automobile manufacturers, the well-recognized four wheelers , two wheelers and nearly everything in-between.

Industrial Electronics

Our biggest customer base comprises of many small and medium electronics industry working on data acquisitions, power supply, telecom, research organizations, networking, lighting etc.


Railway communication systems , auto signal systems etc.. needs quick R&D support with precise quality to establish a required solution where we are providing a complete solutions.


For your RF-related designs – we provide Rogers RF materials in a quick-turn prototype product. Besides that our established processes help you design faster in high speed applications.


Being one of the most reliable industry, we offer our customers with consistent solutions such as high reliability , proven processes , Impedance controlled boards, consistent and best raw materials possible with fully traceability.

Test & Measurement

Data acquisition modules, sensors, interface cards, all just a part of our daily production work for our Test & Measurement customers. We can talk ISO/TS 16949: 2009, RF-related designs, and controlled impedance for designs that require these features.