Technical Capabilities

Sr Specification Value
a) Max. no. of layers 24
b) Max. board size (L x W) in mm. 415 x 565
c) Max. board thickness (in mm.) 3.20
d) Min. finished board thickness (in mm.) 0.40 (No HAL)

Base materials

SR Specifiction Value
a) Base material SR4
b) Inner Layer Copper Cladding
 * Max. Cu Wt. For Planes (Oz.) 2
 * Max. Cu Wt. For Signals (Oz.) 2
 * Min. Cu Wt. (Oz.) 0.5
c) Outer Layer Copper Clading
 *Max Cu Wt. (Oz.) 3
 *Min Cu Wt. (Oz.) 0.5

Circuit Layers (Minimum capabilities in mm)

SR Specification   Value
For Start copper thickness of 0.5 Oz. For Outer Layer Min track width 0.10
For Outer Layer Min. Spacing 0.10
For Inner Layer Min track width 0.125
For Inner Layer Min. Spacing 0.125
For Start copper thickness of 1.0 Oz. Min track width 0.15
Min. Spacing 0.15
For Start copper thickness of 2.0 Oz. Min track width 0.175
Min. Spacing 0.20

Drilling (All Values are in mm)

Sr Specification Value
a) Min. finished via hole size 0.10
b) Min. finished via pad size 0.45
c) Min. annular ring 0.10
d) Drill to drill clearance 0.15
e) Min. slot size for PTH slots (Tool size) 0.50
f) Blind & Buried vias manufacturable YES
g) Drill to track clearance for Inner layers (upto 6 layer) 0.25
Drill to track clearance for Inner layers (>6 layer) 0.35
h) Min. drill size for plated holes on board edge 0.80
i) Min. drill to drill clearance for plated holes on board edge 0.80

Surface Finish

Sr Specification Value
a) HASL (Lead free & PB/Sn both) YES
b) Electrolytic Gold YES
c) Electroless Nickle / Gold YES
e) Immersion Tin YES

Layer construction Impedance Design

Sr Specification Value
a) Min. core thickness 0.15 mm
b) Min. possible dielectric thickness 0.15 mm
c) Controlled Impedance merasurement YES

Solder Mask

Sr Specification Value
a) Mask opening Green masking 0.06 mm
b) Min. soldermask web width between pads 0.08 mm
c) Mask opening Other than Green 0.120 mm
d) Min. soldermask web width between pads 0.120 mm
e) SM to trace clearance 0.10 mm
f) Via fill max drill size 0.40 mm


Sr Specification Value
a) Legend line width 0.15 mm to 0.20 mm
b) Min. character height 1.00 mm


Sr Specification Value
a) Angle for v-cut 30 degree
b) Jump scoring Yes


Sr Specification Value
a) Min. router size 0.80 mm

Copper Clearance from PCB Edge

Sr Specification Value
a) For routing 0.25 mm
b) For scoring 0.45 mm
c) For inner layer 0.4 mm


Sr Specification Value
a) Min. line width 0.30 mm
b) Min. carbon – carbon spacing 0.25 mm


Sr Specification Value
a) Minimum width of any Peel-off element 0.50 mm
b) Maximum coverable hole ENDSIZE 6.00 mm
c) Minimum overlap on copper pattern 0.254 mm
d) Minimum clearance to free copper 0.254 mm
e) Minimum distance from PCB outline 0.50 mm

Drill Tolerances

PTH Hole Size PTH Tolerance NPTH Hole Size NPTH Tolerance
0.50-3.50 mm +/- 0.10 mm <3 mm +/- 0.10 mm
>3.50 mm +/- 0.15mm >3 mm +/- 0.15 mm

Other Tolerances

PCB Size +/- 0.20 mm
PCB Thickness +/- 20% (Up to 0.8 mm thickness)
+/- 10% (Above 1.0 mm thickness)
Trace Width / Spacing +/- 0.20 %
Copper Thickness Inside Hole >= 0.20 um
Bow & twist tolerance +/- 1%

Availabale Finishes

ROHS Compliances finishes :

  • Lead Free HAL
  • Immersion Tin
  • Electroless Nickel Immerssion Gold (0.075-0.1 um AU + 3-5 um Ni)
  • OSP

Non-ROHS Finish :

  • HAL(sn PB)

Legend Colours

  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow

Solder Mask Colours

  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

Special Technologies

  • Impedance Control
  • Blind / Buried Vias
  • Carbon Printing
  • Hard Gold Tabs
  • Peelable Solder Mask