Our manufacturing plant will be closed from 23rd to 26th October due to Diwali and New Year. You are welcome to use our website for checking existing order status and to place new order.
    • RF PCBs

      High Frequency RF PCBs

    • PCB Fabrication

      PCBs up to 24 layers
      RF PCBs

    • PCB Design

      PCB Design from schematic/layout
    • Soldering Solutions

      SMD Stencil Printer & Reflow Oven
    • EAGLE V7

      PCB design software

  • Free DFM Check

    Send PCB data files & get a Complete DFM check for manufacturability
  • PCB Doctor

    Get technical support any PCB Design ,Fabrication Or Assembely related queries
  • Students Corner

    Learn the PCB manufacturing process & more about a PCB/ PCBs



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