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Poonam Gupta
Co-founder & CEO
We have been using the services of PCBPower for over two years and we are extremely happy with the quality of their PCBs and Services. Right from the DFM check to delivering the fully manufactured PCBs, they do everything keeping their customers in mind. PCBPower has exceptional customer service and our query has always been attended within 15 mins and sorted at the earliest. Hence, I can safely say, in PCB manufacturing and assembly, PCBPower is the most reliable brand in India.
Automation India Expo 2017 - PCBPower Testimonial
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Ravi Pujar
CEO & Founder, Valetron Systems
I have been ordering PCBs from PCB POWER from the start of my career. Earlier it was so difficult to get prototype PCBs done. But once PCB power came into the picture it has been very easy for Electronics Hobbyists and Professionals to get their prototype boards done easily in short times at affordable prices. PCB power has a great team which is always ready to support for questions and queries asked.
PCB power as my partner in Make in India: I design electronics products for my clients and I have so far shipped boards made by PCB power to Australia, U.K, U.S.A, Lithuania and of course all over India. #MakeInIndia
I love the experience here so far 🙂
Automation India Expo 2017 - PCBPower Testimonial
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Gaurang Patel
Head-Embedded Hardware, Insigma Inc.
We thank PCB POWER for their commitment towards on time delivery, good quality and competitive price. We appreciate their quick online PCB quotations, online ordering portal and exceptional customer service. Excellent support for prototype developments in 3 working days. We are truly satisfied with PCB POWER since the last 5 years.
Client Testimonial: PCB POWER
Satisfaction & Reliability is Topmost for PCBPOWER Watch the Testimonial of Mr. Thiyaga M, CEO of Nuline Technologies One of Our Satisfied Customer
A. Rajib Kumar Gupta
Product Development Engineer, Vulcatronics
In the case of manufacturing of electronics based products,it has been a trend to look for options outside India for better quality or a cheaper price. We have been working with PCB POWER since 3 years,we are satisfied with them and don’t want to look for other alternatives.
Automation India Expo 2017 - PCBPower Testimonial
Suyog Vyawahare OWNER (Suyog Technologies) The List is Endless of our Happy Customers. We love making PCB and services for Layouts and Stencils! Customers love us for the Most User-Friendly e-commerce portal & our Quality with Punctual Deliveries.
Saurin Patel
Manager (Materials Management) Erhardt+Leimer
We would like to say that for more than 20 years at Erhardt+Leimer, we are using only CSIL/PCBPOWER PCBs in our products. We are highly satisfied with quality of PCB POWER. In delivery schedule, PCB POWER always tries to match our schedule. Out of all the PCBs we are buying from PCB POWER, we export 33% to Germany and China. Erhardt+Leimer & PCBPOWER both organizations would like to continue this relation in future with a smooth understanding.
Automation India Expo 2017 - PCBPower Testimonial
VINAYKUMAR ACHWAL OWNER (CREST TEST SYSTEM PVT. LTD.) The List is Endless of our Happy Customers. We love making PCB and services for Layouts and Stencils! Customers love us for the Most User-Friendly e-commerce portal & our Quality with Punctual Deliveries.
Chaxu Mistry
Founder, Managing Director Missar Systems
PCB POWER has been a gift for R&D Companies like us who believe more in quality than quantity. We have had wonderful experiences with PCB POWER and its service starting right from the online price calculator to the on time door step delivery of excellent quality of PCBs.
PCB Power Testimonial Customer Feedback & Appreciation
CHANDRU S, CEO, C37 Healthcare pvt.ltd