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The PCB Fabrication process is the first step in creating an electronics marvel in the form of a printed circuit board, based entirely on your submitted designs or the ones made by our in-house design team.

We understand the value of each PCB, as it goes into empowering the most innovative, functional, and forward-looking technologies of our times.

In our vision to support the innovators of tomorrow, we have worked over 25+ years to create a fabrication operations system that focuses entirely on agility, consistency, and innovation. Each PCB is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility that ensures 100% design-adherence and gives you the precise quality of electronics functionalities from your PCB. Throughout the fabrication process, we run the PCB through rigorous quality testing measures and ensure the output truly matches with your vision of the PCB brought to life.

Our agile fabrication system and human capital excellence have helped us get enlisted as one of the pioneers in the cost-effective PCB fabrication space. With the capacity to deliver PCBs of up to 24 layers, we are globally revered for fabrication consistently high quality PCBs, in a short lead time, and in quantities suitable for prototyping, small, medium, as well as large volume applications.

Industries We Serve

While our fabrication process and supply chain have been optimized to fulfil the PCB-fabrication requirements of any industry, they can be of special value to you if you belong to:

Research & Development




Renewable Energy

Educational Institutes


Industrial Electronics


Tests, Measurements & Metering


Research & Development


Consumer Electronics

The PCB Power Promise: Innovation that Unlocks Efficiencies

  • Absolute Transparency with the Online Price Calculator
  • Flexible Ordering with Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Unit
  • Cost-Effective Process with No Additional Setup Charges
  • Quick Delivery starting from 3 Working Days

Our Range of Offerings

Layers Single-Sided, Double-Sided, 4 Layers, 6 Layers up to 24
Quantity No restriction (Minimum Order Quantity : 1)
Delivery Starting from 3 working days
Material FR4-135 Tg, FR4-150 Tg, FR4-170 Tg, RT-Duroid, Flexible, RF-Rogers, RF-ISOLA-ITERA, Metal core
PCB Thickness 0.5 mm to 3.2 mm
Inner Cu. Thickness 17.5 micron to 70 micron
Finished Cu. Thickness 17.5 micron to 90 micron
Surface Finish HASL (Lead free & PB/Sn both), Electrolytic Gold, Electroless Nickle / Gold Immersion, Silver Immersion, Immersion Tin
Solder Mask Green, Blue, Red, Black, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange
Legend White and Black
ET (Electrical Test) Yes
Layer Stack Up Any
Customer Data Verification Yes
Controlled Impedance Available
Blind- Buried Vias Available
Blind- Buried Vias Available
Gold Tabs Available
Carbon Contacts Available
Peel able Mask Available
Edge Plating Available
Bevelling Available
Serialization of PCBs Available
Countersunk Available

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