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About Us

The PCB Power Story

In 1996, an individual in the USA saw the vision of bringing global standards of manufacturing and engineering to the Indian PCB Power in the form of a comprehensive solution. In the next 25+ years, his dream got empowered by the grit, collaboration, and creativity of hundreds of fellow dreamers who collectively built what has become one of India’s flagbearers in the electronics components industry – PCB Power.

Today, PCB Power is known across the market as one of the pioneers who have brought global standards to Indian markets. With customer-centricity at its core, innovation in its DNA, extensive investments in human capital, and an intricate focus on excellence across all its touchpoints, PCB Power has evolved into a value-augmenting platform for the entire electronics ecosystem.

Corporate Leadership

The PCB Power Management Team

Growing businesses are often built by systematic processes. But great institutions are built by visionary leadership, focus, grit, and competence on top of such processes. The management team at PCB Power has brought abundant supply of each of these key elements that go into building an institution of excellence and driven the company towards momentous & sustainable growth. The team has extended its mandate beyond operational optimization and has crafted a unified vision, engineered a strategy to attain it, and established a culture of learning & collaboration to create an industry-leading platform.

PCB Power has developed a system of internal progress that ensures that the management team always constitutes people who understand the company's DNA, core values, and long-term vision to partner with innovators across the board. This reflects in a consistent theme of people joining the company as young graduates, trainees, and mid-career professionals, who found the room, motivation, tools, and mentoring that helped them go beyond the industry-perceived glass ceilings and build the PCB Power they proudly lead today.

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The management team is a balanced, agile, and functional group consisting of industry veterans, young innovators, and visionaries who lead by example and exhibit the PCB Power value system to the industry. Their collaborative and multifunctional expertise has catapulted PCB Power to be at the cusp of industry-leading technology, processes, and value-delivering solutions.

As the company expands across services, product lines, and locations, the team serves as the central unit for strategic planning, growth, and leadership.

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PCB Prototype Manufacturers
Started production trials as Circuit Systems (India) Private Limited.
Commercial production begins in full capacity.
Capacity increased with acquisition of GNFC PCB Division.
CSIL becomes a significant high-volume manufacturer in the Indian market.
$3 Million invested to setup Prototype & Small Volume and High Technology PCB manufacturing processes
PCB Online Calculator Manufacturer India
The brand is transformed into PCB Power. An e-commerce platform is initiatied along with the launch of India's first PCB Price Calculator.
PCB Layout and Stencil services are launched. PCB Power becomes the first company in India to introduce a PCB Layout as well as a PCB Stencil Price Calculator. $2 million invested to increase capacity and improve technology offerings.
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The brand evolved into PCB Power, focusing on a wide range of products & services with a vision to become a comprehensive marketplace for electronic components.
Piloted the PCB Assembly Service.
Launched a state-of-the-art PCB Assembly Service with $1 million invested in innovation across the electronics horizon.
Developed and introduced India's first PCB Assembly Price Calculator.
Fought the pandemic by protecting customer interests, supporting our partners in the supply chain, safeguarding our human capital, and persisting towards our vision.
Unlocked a new chapter of growth with a $2 million investment for augmented technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure capabilities to extend the promise of excellence to Flex PCBs segment.
We proudly launched Mech Power, our new brand for top-quality electronics enclosures, further solidifying our commitment to innovation. Undergoing a strategic rebrand, we transitioned from PCB Power Market to PCB Power, aligning our identity with our end-to-end turnkey services. Additionally, a $1 million investment empowered the expansion of our PCB Assembly space, equipping us with cutting-edge technology to serve your electronics manufacturing needs.
PCB Power's

Your Innovation Partner to the Future

As a company, we are clear on our vision and mission, both of which revolve around you.A company is built for providing solutions. A brand is built for promises. An institution is built for excellence. We are a company, building a brand with an ambition to become an institution. All institutions are built on principles that guide their modus operandi on how they connect with people both inside and outside their circle. The PCB Power team operates on three key principles

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01 Vision

To become the integrated electronics, design and manufacturing partner of all innovative electronics manufacturing companies.

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02 Mission

To empower innovators in the electronics industry by becoming the foundation of their products and services.

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a. Customer at the Centre of Everything.
b. Ethics, Transparency and Honesty in All Our Dealings.
c. Excellence Driven Action Over Everything Else.

Supply Chain of Solutions

A Supply Chain of Solutions Designed, Engineered and Built for You.

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The PCB Power Value Proposition: Here’s What We Do.

We shoulder the weight of bringing together all the components as per your specific needs, no matter how small, complex or idiosyncratic they may be.

Have Something for All Use-Cases.

We offer services across the spectrum of needs. Whether you are a student or an academician looking for Industry-standard products & services, or an MSME or large scale enterprise looking for customized solutions, or a hobbyist in love with engineering – we have our years of innovation, design, engineering and manufacturing experience available to be moulded for your needs.

Comprehensive PCB Services Under One Roof:

We offer services that will help you deliver outstanding products– PCB Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Stencil, Component Sourcing and PCB Assembly.

Excellence Partner, Delivering End-to-End Solutions:

We operate one of the most revered platforms that can help you get all individual components from Capacitors, Connectors & Headers, Displays, Kits, Development Platforms to Microphones, Power Supplies, Transformers, Soldering Solutions, Cables & Enclosures and LED & Lamps.

Industrial Expertise:

We understand the intricacies in the Aerospace & Defence, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Railways, Medical, IoT, Consumer as well as Industrial Electronics space – since we have partnered with the leading players in every vertical.


Quality, Service, Reliability And Much More.

We measure the value we have created, by the degree of efficiency and effectiveness our customers attain with our services

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25+ Years of Expertise

We have garnered insights on the entire PCB value-chain for over two decades and are here to help you get precisely what you seek with our experience and expertise

PCB Manufacturing in India

Comprehensive PCB Solutions in One Place

PCB Layout, PCB Manufacturing, Component Sourcing, PCB Stencil and PCB Assembly on one platform.

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Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Manufacturing

The manufacturing processes that help us deliver optimal solutions to you, are running on lean, adaptive and customer-centric systems

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Quality You Seek, Without Quantity Restrictions

You can be a company, R&D team, student or hobbyist – you will get the institutional quality even for the smallest units you order. You can use our Price Estimators to know the tentative price, before you even place an order

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