Technical Capabilities PCB Flexible

Flexible PCB Technical Capabilities

PCB Details

Specification Value
Max. no. of layers 2
Board Type Single PCB / Customer Panel
Max. board size (L x W) in mm. 260 x 415
Max. FPC thickness (in mm.) 0.18 mm
Min. FPC thickness (in mm.) 0.06 mm

Base Material

Specification Value
Base Material Polyimide

Outer Layer Finished Copper

Specification Value
*Max Cu Wt. (Oz.) 35
*Min Cu Wt. (Oz.) 12

Circuit Layers(Minimum capabilities in mm)

Specification Value
Min track width 0.10
Min. Spacing 0.10


Specification Value
Min. finished via hole size (End dia) 0.10
Min. finished via pad size 0.40
Min. annular ring 0.10
Drill to drill clearance 0.15
Min. slot size for PTH slots (Tool size) 0.50
Min. slot size for NPTH slots (Tool size) 0.50
Counter sunk (NPTH) 6.00/6.50/7.00/7.50mm tool dia

Drilling Min. hole Size Tolerance

PTH Hole size < 3.5 mm NPTH Hole size > 3.0 mm NPTH Hole size < 3.0 mm PTH Hole size > 3.5 mm
+/- 0.10 +/- 0.15 +/- 0.10 +/- 0.15

Surface Finish

Specification Value Remark
Electrolytic Gold (Gold tabs) YES Nickle : 3 to 5 micron
Gold : 0.3 to 0.50 micron
Electroless Nickle / Gold YES Nickle : 3 to 5 micron
Gold : 0.05 to 0.075 micron
Immersion Tin YES

Controlled Impedance Measurement

Specification Value Remark
Controlled Impedance measurement YES- (25 ohm to 120 ohm) As per requirement

PCB Thickness Tolerance

Specification Value
PCB Thickness Tolerance 0.05 mm


Specification Value
Coverlay Yellow coverlay - Without / Top / Bottom / Both sides


Specification Value
Legend White
Legend line width 0.10mm
Min. character height 1.00

Copper Clearance from PCB edge

Specification Value
For outer layers 0.20mm


Specification Value
Min. router size 0.50


Specification Value
Scoring Not possible


Specification Value
Min. line width 0.30
Min. carbon – carbon spacing 0.25


Specification Value
Minimum width of any Peel-off element 0.50
Maximum coverable hole ENDSIZE 6.00
Minimum overlap on copper pattern 0.254
Minimum clearance to free copper 0.254
Minimum distance from PCB outline 0.50


Specification Value
Serialization Yes for single pcb

Hatch Pattern

Specification Value
Hatch Pattern TW : 0.15mm, TT : 0.15mm


Specification Value
Material FR-4 / Polyimide- Without / Top / Bottom / Both sides
Surface finish ENIG / Immersion Tin
Finish Copper 12 micron / 35 micron
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