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The PCB Power Value System

We know that excellence is not just about what we do in a day, but what we do over a long period. That is why we have spelled out the vision we are working towards, the mission that will help us get there and the value system that guides our work every day as we march to that vision, mission and values.

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01 Vision

To become the integrated electronics, design and manufacturing partner of all innovative electronics manufacturing companies.

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02 Mission

To empower innovators in the electronics industry by becoming the foundation of their products and services.

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03Value System

a. Customer at the Centre of Everything.
b. Ethics, Transparency and Honesty in All Our Dealings.
c. Excellence Driven Action Over Everything Else.

Working at PCB Power

Everyone who is a part of the PCB Power team goes home with the satisfaction of having produced tangible economic value that aids innovation in the global electronics industry. Here is what it feels like to work at PCB Powers, in the words of the very people who make PCB Powers:

The Teams at PCB Power

There is more than what meets the eye to a functional electronic gadget. Somewhere outside the periphery of human eyes, there is a PCB empowering the tool. Quite similarly, the excellence that our customers experience, is dependent on the teams who make PCB Power function like clockwork day in and day out.


As the battery provides the necessary energy to a PCB, our Operations team works to provide precisely manufactured end-products that will produce value for our customers since day one of installation.

Sales & Marketing

They amplify the value generated by engineering and production teams, to connect the right customers with the right solutions.

Accounts & Finance

They ensure the monetary resources are allocated and controlled for optimal value generation in the business.

Human Resources & Administration

They ensure that the right talent finds its place within the PCB Power ecosystem and works actively to ensure no one has to leave the family.


They harbour our technological expertise and ensure that all our offerings are beyond the trends in the market and in-line with our vision.

Information Technology

They support the smooth functioning of all business processes by making information flow seamless across the hardware, software and network of systems as and when necessary.

Why PCB Power?

We are here to innovate and generate value for the electronics ecosystem. We are in-line with global levels of excellence. But we do have something special for you:

We Invest in Our People

From compensation to training, we make sure you have the necessary resources available to help you reach the peak of your potential – and aim for higher.

Mission > Hierarchy

There are no orders coming from the top. There is no need to have facetime. You are on a mission with a group of other enthusiasts. There are mentors and there are mentees – that’s the only hierarchy here.

World-Class Working Environment

We have proactively invested in creating world-class infrastructure that makes working fun, engaging and yet focused for all our teams.

Startup’s Ambitions Institution’s Stability

We strive for innovation, market share and aggressive growth. But we bring the mentoring, stability and global footprint of an institution. Why choose between rapid growth and job security when you can have both!

Purposeful Capitalism

We are in the business of producing economic value. But we are also conscious about what we do. We sponsor college teams and mentor them to accomplish much more than their collective skills. We are always on the lookout for assisting non-profits and institutions helping the people in need. We work to augment their efforts by assisting them with increased resources.

Work with PCB Power

Working with us is equally rewarding and demanding. If our vision and mission excite you – we always have more room in our team of dreamers, believers and achievers. Here are the current openings:

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