PCB Stencil capabilities

PCB Stencil Technical capabilities

Frameless Stencil

Technology we use:

  • Laser-Cut

Material we use:

  • Stainless Steel

Maximum Size

  • We can offer maximum outline size of 520*520mm (this will be the useable area)

Standard PCB Stencil Thickness

  • Our standard stencil thickness is 4mil ,5mil, 6mil and 8mil

Framed Stencil

Framed PCB Stencil Area Maximum area that can be used
29*29 inch 475*475mm
25*25 inch 460*460mm
23*23 inch 370*370mm
22*22 inch 350*350mm
20*20 inch 300*300mm
Frame width The Frame width we offer is 39mm +- 1mm
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