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Vision-Led Momentum of Growth

PCB Power was founded in 1996 as CSIL, with a vision to provide PCB services of global scale and quality, to the needs of innovators across the electronics industry. The organizational fuel of excellence driven action has empowered our year on year growth, on the back of diligent, transparent and honest work of a phenomenal team.

We are now thriving towards our goal of becoming an integrated manufacturing, design and engineering partner to all the innovators. Our foundational fabric is built with:

25+ Years Of Excellence
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  • Online PCB Fabrication Customer Centricity
  • PCB Board Material Aim to Provide Dynamic Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • PCB Manufacturer Passion to Empower Innovators
  • PCB Printing Service Growth Catalysts – Our People

Customer Centricity

Our services, product solutions and innovations are designed around the inherent needs of our customers.
We build and help in building PCBs that empower our customers, who work round the clock to make the world a better place.

Aim to Provide Dynamic Solutions of Standardized Quality

Our customer centricity flows into our aim of providing tailor-made solutions,
engineered to perfection with institutional quality.

Passion to Empower Innovators

We know innovation happens at all scales. That is why we work with
companies, researchers, students and hobbyists.

Growth Catalysts – Our People

We are moving towards becoming an institution of processes, run with the ambitions of a startup.
And that has been possible because of rigorous devotion of our teams. We invest in them and they catalyse our growth.

Industries We Serves

Powerful Features of Proven Expertise In Industrial Partnerships

We feel inspired when we look at a CT Scanner saving a life in a hospital. We feel thrilled when we see a Satellite saving lives with its accurate weather forecasts. We feel moved when a new community living scheme is developed with mammoth construction tools. Because we know, that somewhere within the realms of these life-changing machines, we have made a small contribution with our offerings

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Why Choose Us

Quality, Service, Reliability

We measure the value we have created, by the degree of efficiency and effectiveness our customers attain with our services

Years of Expertise
01 25+ Years of Expertise

We have garnered insights on the entire PCB value-chain for over two decades and are here to help you get precisely what you seek with our experience and expertise

02 Comprehensive PCB Solutions in One Place

PCB Layout, PCB Manufacturing, Component Sourcing, PCB Stencil and PCB Assembly on one platform.

03 Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Manufacturing

The manufacturing processes that help us deliver optimal solutions to you, are running on lean, adaptive and customer-centric systems

04 Quality You Seek, Without Quantity Restrictions

You can be a company, R&D team, student or hobbyist – you will get the institutional quality even for the smallest units you order. You can use our Price Estimators to know the tentative price, before you even place an order

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Years of Expertise
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We don’t maintain a wall of awards in our office. But if we did, it would not look any different than this list of industry leaders and innovators who rubbed their innovation into our offerings.

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