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25+ Years of Expertise

PCB Power was founded in 1996 with a vision to bring global standards of manufacturing and engineering excellence to the electronics components. Over the years, PCB Power has become the platform known for its customer-centricity, high standards of output, and a range of solutions optimized for the electronics components ecosystem.

Solutions Designed for a Wide Range of Industries

Our solutions serve a wide range of industries including but not limited to Research & Development, Aerospace, Defence, Students, Hobbyists, Energy & Utilities, Educational Institutes, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Railways, Tests, Measurements & Metering, Medical, IoT, Consumer Electronics, Trading, Lighting, and Telecommunication.

Engineering Excellence Across the Value Chain

PCB Power provides you a wide range of services like PCB Layout, Manufacturing, PCB Stencil, Component Sourcing, and PCB Assembly on one platform. It ensures consistent quality across processes.

Powered by Global Leaders

Our supply chains are populated by global leaders in specific market verticals who bring with them decades of manufacturing consistency, optimized assembly-lines that control end-product costs, and solutions with a long usable-life.

Services Delivered by an Inspired Team of Entrepreneurs

We have designed our firm’s structure to ensure each component of the human capital we possess is empowered to make decisions that serve you. Additionally, we invest extensively in training & welfare to ensure our team-members are always well-positioned to help you achieve the next level of growth.

Cost-Effective, Consistent, and Convenient Ordering.

Innovate Anywhere: Quality Across Borders: Our logistics and supply-chain systems have been optimized to provide consistent quality of products & solutions, delivered in stipulated timelines to ensure absolute adherence to your plans.

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No Minimum Order Quantity: Innovation should never get hindered by quantity and economics. To support that notion, we have lifted all restrictions from minimum order quantity. Whether you are working on a prototype, side-project, or an R&D initiative, we will empower your ideas with the solutions that match industry-grade manufacturing standards, available with a cost-effective value proposition and no limits on minimum order quantities.

Price Transparency: We comply with customer-centric trade practices and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the underlying costs that go into manufacturing, assembling, or procuring your PCB and its components. To give you more information, we have created easy to use calculators for our PCB layout, manufacturing, PCB stencil, Component Sourcing, and PCB Assembly services. You can input your requirements in these calculators and get a real-time estimate of the price.

Comprehensive Customer Support: Our customer success teams, engineering teams, and other supporting functions are easily accessible to you on our Contact Us page.

Compliance with Global Standards: Our solutions, products, and services are compliant with several guidelines as necessitated by the industry practices and laws in markets like the USA, the European Union, Korea, and several others. Feel free to get in touch with our team and know about the compliance standards your specific order adheres to.

We Augment Our Capabilities with Every Customer Relationship.

With over two decades of operations, we have made it our organizational goal to learn and grow with every customer relationship. And so far, these customers have made our journey all the more fascinating:

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PCB India
PCB Prototype Manufacturer
PCB Prototype Fabrication
PCB Manufacturing Service
PCB Prototype Assembly
PCB Service
Electronic PCB Board
PCB Board Manufacturer
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Custom PCB
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PCB Assembly Process
PCB Stencil
PCB Board
PCB Online Calculator
Circuit Board PCB
PCB WebSite
01 Vision

To become the integrated electronics, design and manufacturing partner of all innovative electronics manufacturing companies.

02 Mission

To empower innovators in the electronics industry by becoming the foundation of their products and services.

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