PCB Assembly Components Packaging Guideline

Key practices for effective component handling

At PCB Power, simplicity meets precision. Our Component Packaging Guidelines outline straightforward practices that contribute to the smooth handling and assembly of your printed circuit boards. Follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless and efficient manufacturing process.

The Do's & Don'ts of Components Packaging


  • Mention Essential Information: Ensure the Designator, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and quantity are clearly labeled on the ESD bag or packet.
  • Preserve original packaging: Retain the original packaging for BGA, QFN, and QFP parts.
  • Moisture-sensitive devices: Keep moisture-sensitive devices in their original packaging with an indicator when needed.If original packaging is not available, use moisture barrier bags to prevent moisture exposure during storage.
  • Use reels for components: Send components in reels to match your order quantity. Any excess will be returned along with the assembled boards.
  • Do Not Populate components & Alternate parts: If you plan to use an alternate part number or designate a part as 'Do Not Populate' (DNP), please inform us via email before sending out the components. This ensures a smooth process and accurate assembly.


  • Avoid sending cut tape: Avoid cutting the strips into small sizes. Kindly refer to our guidelines for the minimum strip size for smooth processing.
  • Avoid loose packing: It's crucial not to pack SMD components in loose packets, as this can lead to handling issues during assembly.
  • Avoid sending used, de-soldered, or oxidized parts: Please refrain from sending components that are used, desoldered, or oxidized, as they can negatively impact the final product's quality and assembly process.
  • Pack each designator separately: Keep different designators in separate ESD bags to prevent confusion and errors during assembly.
  • Why does your EMS partner [PCB Power] need extra quantity of components?

    Each automated machine for PCB Assembly uses a feeder requiring a minimum strip size.To optimize the BOM costing, PCB Power promotes prototyping and smaller volumes with minimal feeder size.

Acceptable feeder strip

Unacceptable feeder strip

We strongly recommend you to send at least 7% quantity of small-sized SMD components (less than 10 mm in size) to streamline the process.

Kindly refer to the table for understanding the additional quantity requirement:

SMD components package Extra Qty. % (1 to 50 Qty.) Extra Qty. % (51 to 100 Qty.) Extra Qty. % (101 + Qty.) Min. quantity required in strip
1206 30.00% 8.00% 5.00% 15
805 40.00% 15.00% 10.00% 25
603 40.00% 15.00% 10.00% 25
402 50.00% 20.00% 15.00% 30
201 60.00% 25.00% 20.00% 45
  • Sticker for the packet:

    Mention the Manufacturing Part No. of the ESD Bag if it has not been dispatched with original packaging.


Order Nr.: XXXXX-A
Manufacturer Part Nr. RMCF0603JT39K0
Quantity Required 200
Quantity Sent 250
Designator R15, R16, R17, R18
Description / Value RES 39K OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD
  • Sticker for Box:

    Complete the box sticker with your order number, total boxes, and individual box number for a smooth and organized delivery process.


To: Circuit Systems (India) Private Limited (PCB Power India)

B-24, GIDC Electronics Estate, Sector-25, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - 382044, India

Order Nr. Box Nr. Total Nr. of Boxes
614151-A 1 5
From: ABC Private Limited,

One42, South Tower, Ambli Rd, Ashok Vatika, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380058, India.

We request you to dispatch the components with protective covers to prevent in-transit damage.

Thank you again for choosing PCB Power as your EMS partner.

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