PCB Fabrication(Flex)
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PCB Fabrication(Flexible)

PCB Fabrication (Flexible)

At PCB Power market India, we produce flexible printed circuit boards as an arrangement of printed circuitry and components with a flexible base material with or without flexible coverlay. We fabricate these flexible electronic circuit boards using the same components that we use for rigid printed circuit boards. However, we allow the board to conform to a pre-assigned shape during its application.

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Applications for Flexible PCBs

Our customers use our flexible PCBs in various everyday technologies and electronic equipment. They also use them in high-end, complex components. Some examples of usage of flexible circuits is in modern portable electronic equipment like desktop printers, hard disk drives, laptops, and mobiles.

Other applications and industries also use flexible circuits extensively:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Industry
  • Communications equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Military & Aviation
  • Transportation

Most of the above industries extensively use flexible circuits as these offer improved resistance to movement and vibration.

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PCB Power Market Capabilities for Flexible Circuits:

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Double-Sided Flexible PCBs:

Whether you are looking for single or double-sided circuits for complex flexible electronic circuit boards, we can guide you with our extensive expertise and capabilities for helping to bring your concept to reality. We can design single-sided or double-sided flexible PCBs in complex but unique layouts.

We are constantly pushing the limits on flexible PCB fabrication technology with our fine traces.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Flexible PCBs:

Compared to the traditional cabling and rigid boards, the primary benefits of flexible circuits include:

  • Substantial reduction in wiring errors
  • Elimination of several connectors
  • Substantial design flexibility
  • Improved circuit density
  • Higher operating temperature range
  • improved signal integrity
  • Substantial improvement in impedance control and reliability
  • Substantial reduction in size and weight

Flexible PCBs have certain disadvantages also:

  • More expensive compared to rigid PCBs
  • Limitations in low-temperature operations
  • Assembly is difficult, complex, and may require additional support
  • Prone to damage due to improper handling
  • Prone to scratches during handling
  • Difficult/impossible to repair damaged flexible circuits
  • Proper storage conditions must be met (using plastic without sulfur)

We ensure the high quality of your flexible electronic circuit boards.

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