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Corporate Leadership


Khushal PanchalChief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer, Khushal is one of the central members of the management team.

His office leads the firm's efforts across various initiatives like manufacturing process optimization, quality control, material sourcing, maintenance, Information Technology, and human capital. Khushal has simplified his work by setting a singular directive for his team – enabling seamless operations across PCB Power.

Like several of his contemporaries in the management team, Khushal started his career at PCB Power. He was hired as a Jr. Customer Support Executive right after his MBA in Marketing.

He also has a BE in Electrical Engineering. His consistency and curiosity guided him through several customer, operation, and process-focused roles at the firm, till he was tapped to lead as the Chief Operations Officer with a wide mandate of strategic responsibilities.

Over the years, he has evolved into a professional with traceable expertise in systems, automation, digitization, and data-driven decision-making.

He has cultivated a process of near & long-term operational planning aligned with the firm’s value system and vision, focusing on strategic initiatives like capacity planning, quality maintenance, CAPEX management, and human capital management.

Khushal’s expertise spans various areas, including people operations, system automation, and strategic decision-making. He is known across the firm as the individual who deconstructs the most challenging operational problems and designs solutions leveraging 14+ years of cumulative experience.

He was instrumental in the firm's transition from being a high-volume manufacturer to becoming a platform of excellence with high-mix mid- volume manufacturing capabilities. He has also helped PCB Power achieve IoT- enabled manufacturing processes and paperless plant operations.

Khushal prefers singing and travelling with his family to rejuvenate. He counts challenges and boundless learning opportunities as the drivers that help him deliver better results than his personal best.

"Excellence can be attained linearly if you learn with commitment and lead by example."

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