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Paresh Vasani Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paresh Vasani is known as one of the most revered visionary leaders in the electronics ecosystem in India.

He leads PCB Power as its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, taking charge of its strategy and leading with the decision-making baton across all functions. As a leader in the printed circuit board industry for the past two decades, Paresh has supplied the firm with technological expertise that has catapulted its operations to a global stage of excellence.

Paresh graduated from Gujarat University with a BE in Electronics & Communication, followed by an MS in Computer Engineering at the University of Texas Austin in the United States.

From having acted on the instinct of creating an integrated PCB platform in India augmented with its technological interface to having expanded at the opportune moment in the history of the global markets, Paresh’s decision-making prowess has helped PCB Power chart an unequalled trajectory of growth with a global footprint.

Since its inception, he has been at the helm of every major & minor change at PCB Power – from launching the website to aggregating customer reviews to launching manufacturing operations in the United States. Over the years, he has perfected the leadership style of seamlessly balancing between taking a hands-on approach and empowering young professionals to cultivate change.

As a technology leader, he has engrained culture of adaption & adoption across the board at PCB Power. Even today, he brings the enthusiasm & energy of a young entrepreneur to the office the way he did on the first day of operations. He is driven by a profound passion for delivering value-generating solutions for customers and empowering his teammates to do better than their previous personal best.

He puts to display the adage ‘Never Give Up’, with his work ethics setting the high benchmarks of performance within the firm. Despite PCB Power’s immense growth, Paresh comes across as a fair, humble, and ambitious leader, reflecting on the tendencies he has acquired on the golf course and with the time spent with his family in his hours off the job.

“Excellence is a function of just four qualities – the ability to dust yourself & move on, respect for the game, walking the talk, and an obsession for generating shared value.”

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