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Corporate Leadership

preeti amit chouksey

PREETI AMIT CHOUKSEYChief Financial Officer

Preeti is one of the most revered female leaders at the firm, leading its strategic mandate as the Chief Financial Officer.

She has set an example of the firm's focus on equitable representation in the leadership team, which helped shape her career with unparalleled success in a competitive business. As an alumna of the Gujarat University MBA program, Preeti brought with herself a total of two years of experience in accounting when she was hired as an Account Executive in 2009.

Every year, the firm empowered her with new milestones that she diligently and persistently achieved. Her achievements at the firm helped her get promoted to be the Group CFO within half a decade of having joined the firm.

Today, her office oversees the comprehensive financial planning, implementation, and management efforts at PCB Power. She also leads the business planning, budgeting, and forecasting functions within the firm, providing it with strategic foresight and ensuring optimal capital allocation.

When not generating value for the firm round the clock, Preeti is known to immerse herself in books and music that help her recalibrate her thinking. She has seamlessly integrated her professional responsibilities with her career goals.

Her success at the firm stands as an illustrious example of how PCB Power has served as a platform for incredible progress for young professionals by equipping them with the clarity of vision, leadership, mentoring, early-career responsibilities, and room for growth.

"The journey of achieving seemingly unfathomable goals begins with setting seemingly unfathomable goals."

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