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sapan ashokkumar chokshi


Sapan has been at PCB Power for his entire career. He was hired as a Trainee graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation & Control) from Nirma Institute of Technology in 2000.

While working on a graduating project, Sapan designed a PCB and cultivated a deep sense of curiosity for technology. Twenty years later, as the Head of Engineering at the firm, he still works with equal enthusiasm and curiosity as he did on his first day at work. Sapan’s work has enabled PCB Power to launch several service lines, strategic initiatives, and internal projects.

He was a key member of the team that launched the PCB Layout Services in 2016 and the challenging but substantial PCB Assembly Services in 2019 on the PCB Power platform.

As an engineering operations specialist, Sapan has also directed the firm’s internal investments to upgrade the technology systems and enable process automation for error-free output. Such efforts have helped the firm stay ahead of the curve in terms of technological implementation, upgrades, and adoption and accumulate expertise across the PCB value chain.

Sapan is known across the firm as a leader who never declines work requests, always acknowledges the room for improvement, and is never hesitant to take on a new challenge. His differentiated leadership abilities helped him get promoted to be the Head of Engineering within three years of joining the company.

When not at work, Sapan is spotted in domestic & global locations as an avid traveller, or practising his table tennis skills or enjoying culinary experiences.

"Do what you love with the utmost diligence, and success will come tracing you."

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