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Another Quality Benchmark Achieved with ISO 13485:2016 Certification
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Another Quality Benchmark Achieved with ISO 13485:2016 Certification

The last year has been challenging for the electronics ecosystem in India. As incumbents of this industry, we have observed the challenges in terms of demand volatility, payment uncertainties, labour shortage, and above all – safeguarding the people who entrust us with their life.

With the progress through 2021, we have taken several steps in the direction of achieving our vision – to become the preferred partner for innovators across the electronics ecosystem. And our recent certifications, membership inclusions, and licenses are an illustration of several person-hours invested by the PCB Power Market team in reaching this point.

We want to extend our gratitude to every associate, colleague, competitor, industry partner, and customer who has pushed us to produce more value with every single passing day. These achievements would not have come across with such galore were you not a part of the PCB Power Market teams evolutionary journey.

PCB Power Market: Taking a Systematic Approach to Excellence

Throughout the past few years, the PCB Power Market team has garnered recognition across the board. Here are a few distinguished accolades we have aggregated that showcases our process of continuous improvement:

1. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016

The International Organization for Standards has been providing vetted certifications for quality management systems since 1947. The ISO standards are awarded only after a rigorous examination conducted by an independent third party. Maintaining the certification requires frequent third party assessments and renewal every two to three years. PCB Power Market has consistently attained and maintained ISO certifications to showcase the company’s dedication to the highest global industry standards.

We already possess the ISO 9001:2015 certification and were recently awarded the ISO 13485:2016 certification. The 9001:2015 certification represents a companys ability to consistently deliver products & services that meet customer expectations and compliance requirements and its focus on continuous process improvement. As a platform with both products and services catering to the electronics ecosystem, we have worked thoroughly to get and sustain the certification.

The ISO 13485:2016 is the newest addition to our wall of accolades. The certification showcases our investment in the special needs our customers have. The 13485:2016 certification is for companies that provide medical device design & research, manufacturing, distribution, or after-sales services. While companies of all sizes can apply for the certification, its awarding represents consistency and precision of the business quality management systems, which is inherently required for medical devices. We have had the privilege of working with businesses operating in the medical device industry. This certification further assures them of our robust processes, technology, and standards to help them save the world with their offerings.

2 IPC Membership

The Institute of Printed Circuits is a global authority that sets quality, performance, and testing benchmarks for PCB manufacturers across the globe. Founded in 1957, the institute now has over 4,000 sites across 79 countries. Every leading PCB, OEM, and EMS manufacturer is a member of the institute.

As a member of IPC, PCB Power Market has been committed for years to continuous excellence by abiding by over 300 standards developed by more than 3,000 professionals across the globe, covering the entire electronics product development lifecycle.

3. UL Certified Products

PCB Power Market’s (Circuit System India Ltd) mass-laminated, multi-layered, and single-layered wiring boards have been certified by UL Product IQ. UL is a global leader in safety certifications covering companies, processes, people, and products. UL both conducts the testing and certification over a comprehensive range of parameters.

How Do These Certifications Help You?

The certifications are as much an achievement for our customers and associates as they are for the PCB Power Market team. With the certificates in place, our customers now get:

1. Assurance of Quality at Scale: Our systems are certified to deliver consistent quality. 2. Value Creation: Our products and services exhibit robust performance for comparable market prices. 3. Global Standards: Our offerings stand at par with updated global standards. 4. Innovative Partnerships: Our customers can work to assure that they have partnered with a company investing that actively invests in innovation.

To know more about how PCB Power Market can help you with its certified processes and offerings, click here and connect with one of our experts.

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