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Why it is important to get PCB fabricated from the experienced company?
PCB Power

If you require the quality of the printed circuit board to be consistent and want to manufacture product that will live upto consumer’s expectations then you must go for experienced and trustworthy PCB fabricator to produce your PCBs. Select the right PCB fabricator by keeping in mind that one defective product can damage your reputation and de-value the company brand.

For selecting the right PCB fabricator you can use the following guidelines;

  • Check your fabricator’s track record and its reputation in the market
  • Check fabricator’s capability of delivering the required level of quality
  • Review processing and test equipments
  • Verify their machineries and equipment maintenance policies
  • Possessing important credentials, like certificates from ISO, RoHS, UL, etc…
  • Cost – balance cost with quality, don’t consider the cheap solution but an affordable one
  • Having good process control and a culture of continuous improvement

Why PCB Power is the best choice for you?

We (PCBPOWER/ Circuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL), are a proud Indian PCB manufacturer. We are manufacturing Printed Circuit boards since 1996 offering reliability as a core competence globally. Actively serving Aerospace, Defense Applications, Automotive sectors, Industrial Electronics, Railways, Metering and Telecom Markets for their PCB requirements up to 24 layers.

While selecting a PCB fabricator company, make sure that it has a good track record. Some small entrepreneurs may give you the PCBs very cheap and may be for many of their processes they are dependent on other small entrepreneurs who are working solely for photo plotting, electrical testing and so on. So maybe you will not get the expected quality from him.

To know about our technology follow the link,

We follow an integrated quality approach with processes that are ISO 9001:2008 & TS 16949:2009 certified, also having approvals from various authorities like UL and SAC-ISRO.

Use our online PCB quote facility and you can save a lot of your valuable time. It is very easy to use, system asks some for certain details like choose the service, Number of layers, PCB thickness, Start copper thickness, material, delivery term and other technical questions which are mandatory for correct calculations.

Cheap doesn’t mean good, defective cheap PCBs can damage your reputation and overall lose is high compared to you have saved in buying cheap PCBs. PCB Power sells high quality PCBs at reasonable price.

Quality assurance is an integral and central component of all activities at PCB Power, The product quality we achieve is a guarantee for low overall costs to our clients. Our commitment to quality extends throughout the organization and our ongoing “Quality improvement plan” regularly reviews our quality control in all areas.

We build the highest quality boards that are in compliance with the international standards and specific to customer requirements. We optimize our performance through a continual improvement approach and effective processes.

PCB Power holds a reputation as being one of the best PCB manufactures.

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