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PCB Layout

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Expertise-Led Design

While you are focusing on features, innovation, or scale, your printed circuit board has to be the companion that helps you attain those goals. With one eye on the operations, it can become very challenging to create immaculate PCB layouts. This is where the PCB Power Market team can help you.

Our dedicated team of PCB designers is well-versed in CAD and comes with years of tangible as well as tacit experience in PCB designing. Right from the first point of briefing to the final step of handover, our team would always be available to help you attain an informed perspective on PCB Layouts.

Years of experience, consistent process optimization, and deep design efficiencies have helped us unlock value across a wide range of PCB design concerns:

  • BGA
  • Arm and Microprocessors
  • SMT and THT
  • Analog and Digital Circuits
  • Split Power Planes
  • Blind or Buried Vias
  • Controlled Impedance

We have created a unified design platform where the most thoughtful and experienced PCB engineers can help you attain the functionalities and features you seek while adhering to your defined budget.

Detailed, Transparent, and Expertise-Driven Approach to PCB Layouts

  • Absolute Price Transparency Free online calculator for price estimation
  • Prices that Generate Value from the Outset Price ranges begin from just ₹1500
  • Dedicated and Experienced PCB Design Team Equipped with sophisticated design capabilities and tools like Eagle and Altium Designer
  • Tested and Documented Design Processes We follow an arduously-prepared, tested, and well-documented process consisting of phased checks and balances
  • Efficient Lead Times Deliverable handover as early as two days
  • Optimized for Manufacturability We provide production-ready fabrication and assembly data

Design Excellence that Adds Value to Your Manufacturing

We understand that every design is only as good as its value in the manufacturing process. That is why we give you a comprehensive set of deliverables to aid the ease of manufacturing:

Gerber Data

Drilled Data

Fabrication Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Stencil Data

Design Database

PCB Images in 2D

Customized Output Files

Comprehensive Design Capabilities

High-speed digital designs, analog designs, mixed designs, power designs & RF design SDRAM, Flash, CompactFlash
Signal Integrity, EMC & EMI Compliant designs LVDS,RVDS
PCBs with Controlled impedance requirements HDMI, DVI, Composite Video
PCBs for mechanical constrained designs Bluetooth
HDI designs with blind & buried vias Designs with FPGA & ASIC
High-frequency PCBs High layer count PCBs of up to 16 layers, Designs with BGAs, Designs with 4mils/4mils trace & spacing Designs with printed antennas

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