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PCB Stencil

PCB Stencil

Stencils that Augment Manufacturing Precision

Manufacturing PCBs can be complex with extensive consumption of resources and time. Stencils help you ensure each component is assembled to perfection on the board after the solder paste has been applied to it. Moreover, stencils ensure your human capital resources and time are optimally expended.

Our team understands the entire process of PCB manufacturing and assembly and hence has a primary understanding of what is required to create an accurate PCB Stencil. Deploying our industry-revered design thinking, precision-engineering, and manufacturing excellence, we ensure that your PCB Stencils are accurately designed and manufactured to work in absolute cohesion with the PCB Assembly line of your choice. For quicker turnarounds and greater accuracy in the entire PCB handover process, we strongly recommend our integrated set of PCB Manufacturing, Stencil, and Assembly services.

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  • Cost-Effective Solution Minimum order quantity is set to one unit
  • Efficient Lead Time Deliveries begin in as less as one working day of successful order placement

Variants that Deliver Value

Framed Stencils

Engineered for optimal performance across use-cases. Manufactured with fine-grade polished SS technology that enables next to no burrs on the hole walls and ensures uniform paste-flow across the mirror-finish surface. For better performance on boards having finer pitch-components, use the Framed Stencils with F3 Nano Coating and witness higher throughput performance.

  • Made with Japanese-grade fine-grain sheets
  • Guaranteed aperture accuracy of +/- 5 um and positioning accuracy of +/- 10 um
  • Ideal for high-volume manufacturing

Frameless SMT Stencils

Commonly referred to as foils, Frameless Stencils work with stencil tensioning systems. Unlike their contemporaries, frameless stencils are not glued onto the frame. The foils are easily replaceable and hence provide better returns on your investment if you have invested in a frameless system.

  • Laser-cut solder paste stencils
  • In-built tension recording & measuring gauge
  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible with a wide range of printers

Cost-Effective and Precise PCB Assembly are Now Accessible to You

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