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Top Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly for Entrepreneurs — PCB Power Market
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Top Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly for Entrepreneurs — PCB Power Market

PCB Power Market offers end-to-end services beginning with the circuit board fabrication, procurement of parts, assembling them, and finally, with the customer receiving the final finished product. Not only does this save customer’s time and energy, but is also advantageous for them. Entrepreneurs especially are the biggest benefactors of this service.

Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services for Entrepreneurs

Our turnkey PCB services offer significant advantages to entrepreneurs. These include:

High-Quality Products

Entrepreneurs specifically look for high-quality printed circuit boards that allow their product or device to perform as intended. Cutting corners is not an option for them, as sacrificing the quality of the boards can lead to a loss in reputation. Moreover, an experienced EMS partner is necessary, one who can not only handle miniaturization, but also take over the entire task of fabricating the electronic circuit board, procuring the components, assembling them, and delivering high-quality printed circuit boards. The other option is to deal with multiple component suppliers, keep track of multiple shipments, deal with the logistics, qualify assembly service providers, and many more.

Ease of Prototyping

Entrepreneurs often need product prototypes to enable them to explore their ideas before they invest their time and money in a final product for the market. With no minimum order quantity, we try to bridge that gap. Prototypes help entrepreneurs identify problems early on and address design concerns in time, which may prove very expensive later on. By obtaining prototypes through turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembly services from the PCB supplier, entrepreneurs can not only weed out bottlenecks early on, but also establish design practices that can act as benchmarks for the future.

Time Control

When a single PCB supplier takes care of the printed circuit boards, component procurement and assembly, the entrepreneur has control over the production time. First, it is not necessary for entrepreneurs to spend their time locating suppliers for components, or the logistics of procuring them. Rather, they can use this time for handling other productive issues. Moreover, with the PCB supplier now offering a single point of contact, it is no longer necessary for the entrepreneur to deal with multiple suppliers and the ripple effect of any delays. A single point of contact improves communication substantially, further saving time.

Cost Efficiency

Turnkey PCB assembly services increase the cost-efficiency of the project. This is a valuable asset for the entrepreneur. We not only offer our customers an economy of scale when buying components in bulk but also help you to avoid multiple individual shipping costs. Because we have experience in providing turnkey circuit board assembly services, it offers accurate quotes that help entrepreneurs with efficient financial planning.

PCB Power Market Customized Services

Rather than following a cookie-cutter approach, most PCB suppliers offering turnkey PCB assembly services are well-equipped to offer entrepreneurs customized services that meet their unique requirements.

Turnkey PCB assembly services, therefore, offer tremendous benefits to entrepreneurs. Not only do they offer fast turn around, but also optimize costs, and offer custom solutions that can bring the entrepreneur great peace of mind. Moreover, the additional benefit of saving time and energy for other issues. Whether the innovator is a startup or is scaling up, PCB turnkey services are a huge boon to them.

PCB Power Market has over twenty-five years of experience in offering high-quality printed circuit boards. We have an experienced team and state-of-the-art machinery to offer our customers products that are ahead of the competition. Additionally, we have a qualified network of component suppliers. That means, we are fully qualified to offer our customers high-quality products with a quick turnaround time, and at optimized costs.

Turnkey Service

PCB Power Market is a high-quality PCB manufacturer, specializing in many types of professional services that include manufacturing PCBs and prototype boards, sourcing electronic components, and taking up PCB assembly. Our turnkey services are available to all our customers and include all aspects of any PCB project. The biggest advantage to our customers is they get products they can start using immediately.

Our only requirement from our customers is the Gerber files and the Bill of Materials. In return, we offer them a high-quality working board. Not only do our customers get their PCBs in the shortest time possible, they do not even have to leave their office premises for that. However, there is more to our turnkey services.

Advantages of PCB Power Market Turnkey Services

PCB Power Market’s full turnkey assembly services offer our customers greater freedom in focusing their interests in PCB design, their core strength, while we take care of the rest. This is the reason for our full turnkey PCB assembly services becoming one of the leading forms of a single-stop electronic assembly process. On one hand, our professional team skillfully manages the entire project from initial contact to final delivery, while on the other, our entire electronic assembly process is as seamless and smooth as possible. Our full turnkey PCB assembly services offer our customers the following advantages:

  1. Shorter Lead Times
  2. Transparent Monitoring
  3. Ease of Online Ordering

Customers typically have four phases in their project PCB fabrication, component procurement, board assembly, and testing. However, as they need to approach only a single contractor, PCB Power Market, it saves them a lot of time. Our full turnkey PCB assembly service is a highly effective activity that allows customers to save their time that they would otherwise have spent in contacting various suppliers individually for the printed circuit board and electronic components.

Approaching a single contractor has the advantage of being cheaper than going to many suppliers, as it reduces overall expenses. For example, the customer can save on freight, which they would have incurred from those suppliers that delivered the electronic circuit board and the electronic components separately.

For OEMs, the process of electronic assembly is a direct link of the performance of the product to its time-to-market. PCB Power Market’s full turnkey PCB assembly service allows the customer to be aware of the progress at each stage, as we provide transparent monitoring. When there are several suppliers, it is impossible to have such effective monitoring.

Another advantage of PCB Power Market is our online quoting. The customer has to only input their project specifications and their desired quantity on our website for a comprehensive quote. All customer requests and information on our website resides in our cloud servers, so that customers can easily reorder circuit boards later. Customers can visit our website anytime to get their quote in record time.

Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

Less Time Involved

A complete product assembly depends on three primary stages—PCB prototyping, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. Earlier, this was a complicated task, and manufacturers faced a lot of issues. However, with advancement of technology, completing a product assembly is now a smoother process, and the time involved is only half of that earlier.

For entrepreneurs and companies that need a working electronic assembly, our full turnkey PCB assembly offers a fast solution. With our full turnkey PCB assembly, we can reduce the assembly time, while providing overseas clients with solutions that can make PCB assembly faster by three times. Our full turnkey PCB assembly solution offers high-quality printed circuit boards in minimum time.

Cost-Effective Assembly

With our full turnkey PCB assembly services, we offer several methods of reducing manufacturing costs. Customers have high-quality printed circuit boards delivered to them without any issues and delays in the procurement process. We have experienced staff that effectively assemble printed circuit boards and components, thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

Versatile Services

For customers switching to full turnkey PCB assembly solutions, we offer numerous efficient and cost-effective methods for assembly of their printed circuit boards. For a completed and finished product, a customer can get the following services for their printed circuit boards:

  1. Prototypes
  2. High Volume Production
  3. Box Builds
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Shipping to End-User

With our full turnkey PCB assembly service, a customer can totally rely on us to take all care from start to the final deliver phase.

Choosing PCB Power Market for Full Turnkey Services

We support everything from PCB layout to PCB Assembly and everything that comes in between. With this, we are trying to support innovators by bringing everything under one roof for them. So, our customers can walk in with their Schematic & Bill of Materials and then we take over. The pain of fabricating the boards, sourcing the components and Assembling the boards is all ours.

Our customers also get the benefit of our partnership with Italtronics, Eurocircuits & Exso for Enclosures & Soldering Solutions.

We involve the latest technology in PCB manufacturing and assembly. Our turnkey service allows customers to get the best possible solutions in quick lead time, allowing them to upgrade their products/services and offer their best to their customers in turn.

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