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Three Ways to Achieve the Right PCB Assembly - PCB Power Market
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Three Ways to Achieve the Right PCB Assembly - PCB Power Market

At present, three aspects are concurrently driving the advancement in the electronic industries. The first is the development of newer and smaller electronic components and devices, which leads to OEMs packing in more features in their products. This is naturally fueling the second, a demand for greater performance from consumers. The third aspect is the drive from printed circuit board manufacturers, who are bringing out more innovative techniques for fabricating denser circuit boards. However, the combined effect of these advancements is visible only when handling the PCB manufacturing and assembly in the right way.

Printed circuit boards are the most important thing in the electronic devices people use. Even though each electronic equipment has a PCB inside it, it does not mean they are all the same. Each printed circuit board is individually complicated. To assemble them properly, the right tools are necessary, as are the right parts, and most essentially, the use of the right know-how.

When trusted professionals such as PCB Power Market perform the assembly, we ensure that throughout the process, we follow quality control measures. We test each step of the way, ensuring the customer will receive a fully functioning board. The requirement is the same whether it is for PCB prototyping services, or for high volume production services.

The process for PCB assembly raises several questions. For those new to the field of PCB manufacturing and assembly, these questions may include:

  1. Is it enough to let the manufacturer know the requirements?
  2. Is it necessary to supply each and every component?
  3. What happens if only a few components are available?

In answer to all the above and similar questions, PCB Power Market has devised three methods to allow the proper assembly of printed circuit boards. These are:

Combo PCB Assembly

When the customer has a few components and requires procuring the rest for completing the PCB assembly, they can opt for the combo PCB assembly method. While we fabricate the PCB for the customer, they supply us with the components in their possession. They must also provide us with the necessary documentation like Bill of Materials, Gerber files, and any special assembly instructions.

We order and procure the balance components, following the Bill of Materials. If some component is not available, we look for substitutes with the concurrence of the customer.

Once all components are available, we proceed with the assembly process. This method allows the customer to control the cost of the PCB board to a great extent. The customer can supply the most expensive and most important components in the assembly.

Kitted or Consigned PCB Assembly

The customer may wish to control the cost of the PCB at a more granular level. They can purchase the entire component list according to the Bill of Materials while we fabricate the bare PCB. The customer then provides us with a complete kit of components. Therefore, this method is known as the kitted or consigned PCB assembly.

Under the consigned PCB assembly method, we not only fabricate the boards based on the Gerber files that the customer supplies us, but also assemble the components on the board according to the assembly instructions the customer has provided. The customer has better control over the production costs. This method is optimum for customers who know their requirements but do not want to invest their time and money in sourcing the components.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

OEMs who are only interested in PCB design and marketing of electronic equipment and do not want to enter into the hassles of assembling can avail of the turnkey PCB assembly method. They only need to forward the necessary documentation like the Bill of Materials, Gerber files, and any special assembly instructions to us, the manufacturer. As an added advantage to the customer, we also fabricate their PCB and assemble it as well.

We proceed to order and procure all the components in the Bill of Materials. The customer must endorse any substitute the manufacturer proposes for an unavailable component.

Once all the components are available, we proceed with the assembly of the board. This is a cost-effective method, as we can pool requirements from several customers to avail price concessions for larger quantities. As we usually handle large quantities of components, we have direct links to component manufacturers and large distributors, thereby ensuring a supply of genuine parts.


Anyone can get their printed circuit board assembled through us. They need not have or procure any of the components on their Bill of Materials. PCB Power Market is willing to accommodate if the customer already has some components. The entire solution to PCB manufacturing and assembly is essentially very flexible with the three methods listed above.

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