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Eyebox Simple

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Eyebox Simple

Eyebox Simple performs well on all the parameters relevant to aesthetics and functionalities, that you would seek in an enclosure for home-automation solutions. It has been designed to work well for a wall-mounting application and uses the same base and adapter, as used in the Eyebox enclosure. The Eyebox Simple is engineered to augment the value of your product portfolio by using the same underlying enclosure with different configurations to adapt into new use-cases.

  • Efficient Customization Options: Using IMDT, you can get customized configurations and aesthetics for your Eyebox Simple, when ordered in medium to high range of quantities. This ensures that your product has a distinct visual identity in the marketplace but you don’t have to incur severe capital deficits for ensuring the customizations. You can leverage this functionality to create multiple solutions like speakers, smoke detectors, and even dimmers, using the same base enclosure.
  • High Aesthetic Value: The enclosure has been designed to suit the aesthetics necessary for consumer-facing product. All the measures necessary to ensure its functional quality have been taken in line with industrial benchmarks to ensure the enclosure performs on your promised parameters.
  • Optimized for Home-Automation Use-Cases: Home-Automation solutions generally require a balanced enclosure that give great aesthetics and standard features. With the Eyebox Simple, you can easily tick both the boxes.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant

Material: Self-Extinguishing ABS

Colour: White

Sizes: (D x H) 95 x 40 mm

Eyebox Simple

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