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The Incabox series has been designed to optimize custom front modules at cost-effective plans to help in product differentiation. Moreover, the series complies with IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700) standards, carries the efficient snap-lock mechanism and is ideal for products that require a distinct aesthetic look with high functionalities.

Incabox: Customization and Cost-Effectiveness with Global Standards of Quality

Designed and manufactured to comply with the IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700) standards, the Incabox series helps you control your costs by reducing machining overheads that are optimized by the signature snap-lock mounting mechanism. On top of that, Incabox enclosures can be adapted to your product design and plans, without making you incur heavy capital investments. The front panel can be distinctively differentiated at next to no extra costs and can be entirely customized for major quantities.

With PCB guides created for seamless insertion and space for mounting any feature between an LCD screen or a switch on the front-panel, the Incabox series ensures that you get the functionalities you need at the costs you need them, without compromising on the quality.

Incabox Range

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Incabox One

Incabox One is a series of panel-mounting enclosures designed for machining equipment that accommodate LCD screens and switches at the front module and have easy PCB insertion features.
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Incabox XT

Incabox XT is compliant with IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700), with the black-coloured body enclosure made of Self-Extinguishing PPO for and the grey-coloured front module made of Self-Extinguishing PC/ABS.
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Incabox XTS

Incabox XTS identical to the Incabox One series and is compliant with IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700), with the black-coloured body enclosure made of Self-Extinguishing.
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Incabox: Value Drivers

  • Efficient Mounting Mechanism: The front panel is the integrated part of the main body and the rear frame is mounted with a snap-lock mechanism that saves machining costs and manufacturing resources.
  • Functional Design: The front panel is visible to the user and is designed to accommodate LCD displays or push-button switches. Pre-Machined cut-outs are available for easy access to the front panel. Some variants of Incabox are made of plastic to provide the necessary insulation for the internal circuits.
  • Easy PCB Insertion and Adaptive Designing: The enclosure carries internal PCB guides that simplify the insertion process and help the PCB to be installed from the rear side. The type 144 x 144 as well as other versions also support PCB insertion from the front or the rear side, to adhere with your product design. You can also avail custom dimensions on special requests. Incabox comes with protective panels upon request.
  • High Aesthetic Value: The machining and silk-printing processes, finished with the LCD or switches mounted on the front panel, give the Incabox series a high-tech look that would suit industrial purposes.
  • Cost-Effective Customizations: Some variants of the Incabox series offer significant value with highly cost-effective front-module customizations. Italtronic and PCB Power Market offer a fully-functional, finished, and standard front-module. To create product differentiation, you can opt for different front modules on the same body enclosure to create a sense of variation in your products without having to invest in reengineering the products.
    We offer front-modules machined in line with your specific design for small-quantity orders. As you scale the order quantity, we can customize front-module outside the frame. This will help you attain significant product differentiation, without having to incur machining costs.
  • Cost-Saving Global Standards: You can use some variants from the Incabox series to replace the enclosures made as per German manufacturing standards, without having to redesign your entire PCB.

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