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Incabox XTS

The Incabox XTS is a panel-mounting enclosure for the front panel of electrical control systems. In line with the IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700), its design is optimized for easy mounting, low machining costs, and accommodative front panel. It offers all the features and functionalities of the Incabox One, and also allows for touch-enabled front panel for the instrumentation versions.

  • Simple Mounting: Like other enclosures in the Incabox series, the XTS also comes with a snap-lock mechanism that minimizes your machining costs and resources used in installation.
  • Accommodative Design: The front module can be used with pre-machined cut-outs that can accommodate touch panel, LCD displays, or switches. This makes the end-user experience simplified.
  • Streamlined PCB Insertion: The Incabox XTS allows for PCB insertion from the rear side with PCB guides added to decrease the lead-time for insertion and increase the positioning accuracy of your PCB.
  • Wide Range of Sizes with Custom Dimensions Available on Request: The Incabox XTS comes in three different sizes. PCB Power Market can help you get custom dimensions as per your needs.
  • Global Standards of Manufacturing: The Incabox XTS can be used for applications in line with German standards, without redesigning your entire circuit board.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Manufactured to comply with IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700)

Material: Self-Extinguishing PPO for the Body Enclosure and the Rear Frame. Self-Extinguishing PC/ABS for the Front Module

Colour: Black


48 x 96 96 x 96 144 x 96

(1M=18mm)   *You will be redirected to Italtronics

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