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The iTouch Series, made with self-extinguishing ABS material, has been engineered with great aesthetics and features designed in a manner that make it an ideal enclosure for both wall-mounting and handheld applications. It comes with an optimized kit composition and can accommodate glass, plastic, or touch-enabled front panels.

The iTouch range of enclosures provides great aesthetics for hand-held enclosures and works very well on wall and wall-mounting applications. Its design is versatile enough to work cohesively with front-panels made in glass, plastic, or with seamless touch-screen functionalities.

The installation process has been streamlined with the custom-engineered and offered kit composition. This makes the enclosure available for ready installation directly on the generally used electric cases. The design has been optimized it a way that allows the enclosure to work equally well for handheld applications.

The iTouch series sets the benchmark for enclosures that carry display-electronics with touch functionalities. The enclosure is made of self-extinguishing ABS and is available in two variants – iShape and STD Shape.

iTouch Range

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This enclosure has been designed to work well across handheld and wall-mounting applications. Made with ABS Self-Extinguishing material, the enclosure’s design enables it to accommodate a glass, plastic, or touch-enabled front panel. It comes in white colour with custom colour options available.
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STD Shape

The STD Shape brings all the functionalities of the iShape, and has an added feature which allows it to be mounted directly on the electronic device with the touch-enabled functionality, without using a panel. This enclosure is also made of ABS Self-Extinguishing material and is available in white colour with custom colours available on request.
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iTouch: Value Drivers

  • Optimized for Handheld Applications: The iTouch series, with its touch-enabled functionalities, is great for hand-held applications. Such applications require a certain balance between easy to use features and high-aesthetics, both of which are available with the iTouch.
  • Works Equally Well for Wall-Mounting Applications: While the handheld applications can receive a ton of value from the iTouch series, the enclosure has been designed to provide an equal degree of finesse to the wall-mounting applications as well.
  • Designed for Easy Installation: With the available fine-tuned kit composition that makes the installation process easier and provides the enclosure a durable structure for its use-cases.
  • Engineered for Flexibility: The series of enclosures works equally well with glass, plastic, and touchscreen-enabling front panels.

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