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LED SOL 280 Analog Multi Purpose Soldering Iron

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LED SOL 280 Analog Multi-Purpose Soldering Iron

Maintaining the right temperature point consistently through the soldering process can make the output quality stand in line with the planned quality, and still make the process more efficient. The Analog Multi-Purpose Soldering Station has been designed to provide a flexible, easily manageable, and well-engineered soldering solution with a power station that maintains consistency in the temperature of the soldering tip. With the analogue system, you and your technicians can easily regulate the temperature at the soldering tip and optimize your soldering process with greater control.

  • Easy to Use Design: The ergonomic design consisting of both the station and the soldering iron has been put together to ensure the technicians, irrespective of their experience in using soldering solutions, are easily able to handle both the instruments. This helps in making soldering a less error-prone process on manufacturing lines, helping in maintaining consistency and reducing reworks. In training phases, the 280 Analogue Multi-Purpose Soldering Station can help in sharpening the learning curve of younger technicians with the design made for good grip and ease of use at different angles.
  • Wide Temperature Range: The 280 Analogue Multi-Purpose Soldering Station comes with temperature range between 200oC and 480oC, with a 70 W power consumption system including the 5 W station, that makes it an ideal soldering station for industrial purposes seeking precision at scale.
  • Cost-Effective Analogue System Temperature Control: The analogue system embedded in the soldering station makes it easy to control the soldering tip temperature in a range of 200oC and 480oC between the lowest and the highest point, providing greater control on the soldering output.
  • The embedded analogue system helps in controlling temperatures, that makes soldering a safer process as the technician gets a clear idea of the tip temperature at the point of use.
Output Voltage 220V 60HZ/32VAC
Power Consumption 70W (Station 5 W + Lippus 65 W)
Temperature Control 200oC - 480oC
Size 160 (W) x 85 (H) x 115 (D)
Weight 1.5 kg

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